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  3. Show Stopper mission is a complete horror nightmare.

User Info: wanderingshade

2 years ago#1
You have to HAVE TO HAVVVVE TOOOO build exactly the right units and put them in EXACTLY the right spot in order to win this. That is soooo stupid. No game should be that unflexible.

The narrative surrounding it makes me grit my teeth thinking about it considering how bulls*** this one is.

It's like try one, "Oh alright, I'll build some Tanks. Nothing wrong with Tank!" *Plane noises*. "Well that f***ing sucks. I'll just advance on those turrets. It pointed them out as a win condition" *3 turns later* "AND THERE GO'S MY ENTIRE UNIT FORCE". "I lost". "DON"T WORRY RECON IS REALLY VALUABLE WHEN YOU'RE GETTING RUSH f***ED BY HELICOPTERS AND BOMBERS AND TANKS AND TWICE THE UNIT SIZE YOU COULD MUSTER BEFORE HE GETS TO THAT FACTORY AND MAKES ENDLESS UNITS. Oh you should try to capture that one. Use your Recon to Advance" "Alright! I will! BELIEVE IT!"

Second thru whatever the f*** Try: "Recons and Anti-airs got it" "Maybe should have an APC take a unit there so I can capture that thing" (LTS: IT DOESN'T WORK EITHER. Tanks Screw my Anti-air placement Bombers destroy anything everywhere to set me back IMMENSELY. Hiding in the trees gives you two turns of not being noticed but what does that even really accomplished when you're over powered? What the f*** even is this mission?)
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User Info: DemonKingu

2 years ago#2
Show Stopper is sort of the point where the game stops being nice to you. It's not too bad, though, once you got the hang of it. The Hard Campaign version of this map is far more difficult.

The trick is to survive Adder's initial assault, then advance carefully with mostly MD tanks, indirects and a few A-Air to destroy the minicannons and whatever units Adder has left. You definitely don't want Adder to capture any of the two neutral bases. He only has one infantry and two mech units, though, so if you take those out, you should always be able to outlast him.

Adder has two Bombers total. One will come for you immediately, the other is stationary, a few spaces northwest of the fortress and will only attack if you get in its range. The trick to dealing with the former is to let it come to you, then get first strike on it with an A-Air. The latter one you'll either have to bait, or go through the forests with A-Air to take it out.

To add to the difficulty, the lab map is also located in this mission. It's in the southwesternmost city and, besides the Bomber, it's guarded by three more B-Copters, a Rocket in a nearby forest and an MD Tank on the city next to the lab map city.

If you want to go for the HQ, beware that you'll have to plow through everything else first in order to reach it. Smashing the minicannons is probably a lot easier.

Hope that helps. If it's the Hard Campaign mission that's the problem, I'll just refer to my Hard Campaign Walkthrough ;)
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  3. Show Stopper mission is a complete horror nightmare.
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