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User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#1
In this topic I am going to buff not so powerful CO's in ways that still fit in with their character. If a character gets an attack buff, their COP and SCOP have the same damage increase as before (Jess Power gives +20 offense, that remains the same unless otherwise mentioned)

Adder - All units naturally have +1 movement

COP and SCOP still add movement and give the defensive bonus, but now he always gets first strike, which is huge. Capture phase is ridiculous now.

Andy - Repairs while on a building at the beginning of a turn are now free, COP and SCOP now also replenish ammo and fuel same as an APC

The mechanic indeed. Saves him a little bit of extra money and supplying is basically never an issue now.

Drake - Naval units are now 120/130,COP and SCOP cost 3 and 6 respectively and also halves opponent's ammo

Now he actually feels like he's supposed to be good at Naval Combat... And the reduced cost for his powers and the ammo hit give them a bit of a buff.

Eagle - Aerial units are now 120/115, COP gives aerial units +1 movement

He doesn't really need that much of a buff... This makes him more a king of the skies, though him being the best is arguable still.

Flak - 135/90 for all units, dispersion rates still stay the same

This way he can rip holes through people at the cost of some defensive capabilities. COP and SCOP still raise defense to 110 though.

Hawke - 115/100 for all units, COP and SCOP have different properties

So his COP and SCOP work the same as before, however for the healing part if he has units at full health instead of wasting that healing, their healing points now go to a different unit that has 8 or less HP before he used his powers. Slight buff

Jess - 125/100 for vehicular units, vehicular units also have +1 movement

Jess would be way more usable and fun if this was the case. Still has crappy Infantry and Air units, but great vehicles. Getting first strike with vehicles is fantastic

Lash - naturally not affected by terrain movement restrictions now, COP and SCOP now increase damage by 15% per star of terrain defense

Yep, she just took Sturm's day to day and now her Mechs on a mountain with her SCOP active wreck every ground unit in the game.

Max - 120/100 for Infantry units as well, COP and SCOP now effect them too (except for the movement bonus)

Infantry win wars. Max now has better better infantry. Max can now win wars.

Nell - opponent's attacks always round down if 5% or lower, get's half a star of defense for all non aerial units, COP and SCOP give her an a full star instead of a half star

So if someone attacks her doing 95% it will always do 90% damage. The second part is because she is born under a lucky star, so she gets an extra half star of defense for ground and naval units (5%)

Olaf - COP and SCOP now cost 2 and 6 stars respectively

Snow is kind of a weak D2D since it is so rare, so now he can use his COP and SCOP more often so that it is better.

Sami - Infantry are now 130/110, SCOP is now 7 stars

She's already pretty good, doesn't need much else.

Sonja - not affected by Fog of War at all, doesn't have bad luck, COP is now her old SCOP, new SCOP makes her take 0% damage when attacked

Yay, Sonja is kind of cool now. The ultimate Fog of War player now since it basically doesn't exist for her, in addition to some other buffs for regular matches. SCOP makes capturing cities great, and 1 HP Infantry suddenly make for impregnable walls
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User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#2

Colin - COP and SCOP are now 3 and 6 stars respectively

Gold Rush is op af, now it is more balanced.

Grit - Infantry are now 80/100

Weaker infantry makes it harder for them to win infantry wars, but the extra range on his indirects still makes him fantastic

Hachi - COP and SCOP are now 4 and 7 stars respectively

Idk, I don't think Hachi is as insanely op as most people think. Yeah he's one of the best, but with the other chars buffed I think he fits pretty good

Kanbei - 130/120 units

Kanbei should not be winning skirmishes when he is the one who is attacked. That's dumb

Sensei - 140/100 Copters, COP and SCOP now spawn units at 8 hp

Slight copter nerf and powers nerf. Sensei is one of the weaker broken CO's imo.

Sturm - loses his terrain movement

It didn't make any sense anyways, and it pushed him over the edge of brokenness. If you read above, Lash now has that D2D
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
4 years ago#3
Having Andy get free repairs ... sounds intriguing, but a little unfair. It gives an advantage to Andy players who use his COP/SCOP for offense a better defense. Perhaps half-price repairs? Also, adding fuel/ammo resupply nixes Drake/Moppy's COP advantages and diminishes Jess/Hannah even more.

I'd nerf Sami/Domino, not buff; no Infantry buff, but if her SCOP is kept, making it a 2/6 (from 3/5) makes it a little harder to achieve the inevitable threat of mech-floods.

Max should get 110% soldiers; 120% may be overkill (and enters Sami territory). It helps balance Max on maps without a lot of production, especially mountainous ones.

I've never been a fan of luck, though I do have nostalgia for Nell/Cathy; a 3/2 SCOP (down from 3/3) would give more chances to roll the dice as it were. (Although I like the idea of giving her units a permanent +1 terrain star D2D.)

There's no way to fix Hachi. Maxing out his stars is probably for the best. 3/7 split seems fairer (since the COP is fairly weak).

I do agree that the best changes for Blue Moon are is to turn Olaf's S/COP into a 2/4 mix (and possibly add +10 to offense during S/COP for road/beach-maps), nerf Grit's soldiers to 80/100 or 100/80 (so you can't cheaply meat-shield), and Colin's S/COP should be rebalanced to 3/3 (or even to 3/5 -- honestly, I'd like to change his SCOP to be based on existing units or something that caps).

I'm intrigued by the "Invincible Sonja" SCOP.. it sounds harsh (like Sami's guaranteed HQ capture) which means it needs a nerf. Perhaps no counter-attacks while it's active? (And make it a 3/5 or 2/6, like old/new Sami.) And yes, that bad luck (round-down) was always a terrible idea, even if she gets better counters (which won't affect her new S/COP set).

Heh. I gotta agree with the Kanbei nerf, though his S/COP still makes his army pretty fearsome. (Also, remove improved-Counters from his SCOP; that's too much.)

With all things being equal, Sensei compares well to Hachi in generating extra revenue. Weakening his S/COPs helps lots.

I don't think buffing Eagle's aerial units further are the answer; that just makes him more specialized. For balancing, I'd reduce his S/COP to 2/6; no one ever uses his COP unless it was a pure-air map.

For Drake/Mop, that's a real big naval boost you're giving (on top of the +1move and rainimmunity). 110/120 is generous enough, but I do think a 3/3 /SCOP bar fits better; his powers give him an equalizer against air units.

Giving Jess super-Max powers is insane; I like her, but I'd rather her soldiers be 100/100 and let her powers chip away at opponents. (Maybe make up that difference by bolstering her S/COP to give an extra +5%/+10% on offense and defense.)

I like the idea of having Flak stand out on his own, beyond his dispersion; 135/90 seems too high for my tastes though. 115/90 would give him a 130~105/90 unit (better than average); 155~95/110 in COP and 195~75/110 in SCOP.

Giving Adder a +1move Day-to-Day (D2D) is ridiculous. It really creates overpowered Mechs, makes Infantry much more valuable, etc. A +1move to his COP/SCOP would be better (alongside early Counterattack in both). Otherwise, I'd settle for adding early-Counter and a reduced SCOP bar so you could rapid-fire it.

The Lash buffs are too immense; Sturm-for-a-day was a worthy threat. I'd only reduce her S/COP to 2/3 so a player could rapidly use her mobility. It still does nothing for her air/sea game, which is why her SCOP might be better off instead giving +3 terrain stars to all units (plus COP benefits).

I think Hawke powers are fine, but they need to be sped up (4/4 instead of 5/4). Although for "smart" healing, perhaps a healed unit at (near-)full strength should get cash back?
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User Info: Pako Pako

Pako Pako
4 years ago#4
Oh, and Sturm is always going to be a "boss" CO somehow. I liked how AW1 handled him in VS mode; he'd get a +20 bonus and a +20 penalty (instead of two +20 bonuses) atop his movement bonus.
-=PakoPako=- (Proud member of board 917023!)
"This was brought to you by FRUNGY, the Sport of Kings!"

User Info: Cpt_Calamity

4 years ago#5
I feel like you are looking at each individual buff and comparing it in the current game and not taking the other buffs/nerfs into consideration.

How are the free repairs for Andy unfair? It isn't going to save him ridiculous amounts of money to the point of being broken, and he still loses in power to other COs and loses in funds to the likes of Colin/Hachi/Sensei

With the other buffs being handed out, Sami will be outclassed I think. Hence the slight buff to her Infantry's defense. And her COP would be too good with only 2 stars.

I just kept Max's Infantry buff in line with his other direct units. 120 isn't that ridiculous, and Sami still has better Infantry with slightly more attack and the defense buff.

I thought a full star of defense would be too much for Nell, hence the half star.

Hachi's COP isn't that bad, it lets him build more expensive units for that one day such as Rockets/MDs/Fighters. And units that are generally not used can be purchased such as a Battleship can be bought to force the opponent to spend funds countering said unit. And I think you meant 3/6 since the cap I believe is 9 stars. That's way too much imo.

I can agree to maybe making Sonja not able to counterattack during her SCOP it is pretty ridiculous.

Meh, I just wanted Eagle to be better at Aerial Combat since he's supposed to be the king of the skies... Lowering the cost to 2/6 can agree with, that along with the buff to his COP make it usable.

Naval combat is broken, but again I just wanted him to be the king of it. I was mostly thinking this would make his Cruisers fair very well against Air units now.

Again I just wanted Jess to have better vehicles since that is her "specialty" in this game. She differentiates from Max in that her other units are still weak, though she has good indirects apart from the Battleship. I don't want to buff everyone by giving them decent Infantry, that's boring...

Maybe 135/85 for Flak. Basically I wanted him to be a total glass cannon, because nobody else really has high offense/low defense. Plus it fits with his barbarianism. You have to remember that his meatshielding capabilities are low with that defense too though, several COs can cut through them even at 90. But even if 135/90 is too high, he deserves to be one of the best after being so terrible in this game...

Lash is pretty powerful, but still not quite as powerful as Sturm is in AW2.
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