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User Info: Cpt_Calamity

5 years ago#1
Wright - Based off of a mechanic, Blue Moon CO, rivalry with Andy
D2D - 100/50 for vehicles, planes, and ships, 100/40 for infantry. All units have a max of 20 HP (meaning infantry can capture buildings in one go potentially. Life is rounded up for damage calculations, so 19/20 HP means you will still have max offense and defense), Units are healed 4 points instead of 2 at the beginning of days when on buildings and repairs are free
COP - 100/60 for vehicles, planes, and ships, any money surplus when combining units on this day is doubled
SCOP - 110/80 for vehicles, planes, and ships, any money surplus when combining units on this day is doubled
xxxxXXXXX star meter

Game mechanics will have to be changed a little bit specifically for him to accommodate the extra health (also, an alteration of game mechanics helps play into his name). Pretty different, somewhat balanced by the awful defenses but his COP/SCOP essentially give him 100/120 and 110/160 stats for the day. He's a pretty good CO with the fast capturing and free repairs, might belong in the broken tier.

Regent - The doctor son of a dying king, not sure which army...
D2D - 85/90 vehicles, planes, and ships, 100/100 infantry, All units are healed 1 HP at the beginning of every day for free, Any unit that is placed on an owned building is healed 2 HP for free after waiting/attacking/capturing (as in you just finished capturing that building that turn)
COP - 110/110 infantry, Infantry/Mechs are free to build
SCOP - 110/110 infantry, Infantry/Mechs are free to build, Infantry/Mechs have an extra turn after they end their action on an owned city (HP still restores, and can potentially be restored a second time if they do another action on an owned building)
xxxXXX star meter

Huge emphasis on infantry here, while not being a carbon copy of Sami/Sensei. Healing is the theme, but also manages to differentiate from Andy. Name is Regent because he actually is a regent, and it is a play on the word regenerate as well. Again, a pretty good CO that may be in the broken tier

This board is pretty dead, but this is my favourite Advance Wars and I'm also currently playing it, so I thought I'd post it here.
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User Info: OutlawCorwin

5 years ago#2
Creative. They both look broken to me, but not too much so. I've a few thoughts/suggestions.

Wright's SCOP seems... wanting. With the amount of HP his units have, I doubt anyone would much care about 80% defense over 60%. And even more so for the attack increase. I imagine people would only use his COP and use the big stars to save up til his units are injured. Perhaps take out the "life rounded up" thing from Wright's D2D power, since he has a ton of abilities on that alone. Then add it onto the SCOP. However, reword it to state that the units are treated as having say... 25% more health than they do, in regards to offense & defense. That way full health units wouldn't just have 110/80, they'd have 137.5/100. Yes that's a ton of attack, but hey, it feels like a SCOP now.

As for Regent, holy OP passive Batman! Every two rounds he gets a free Andy heal? No way. I suggest something like... each unit of his has medical training. Each unit has a 1-time use ability that activates if they begin a round with under 50% health, healing 1 hit point. If the unit has 20% health or below, they heal 2 hit points instead. The stats & free heals at buildings look acceptable. COP & SCOP look alright as well. But If I may, perhaps add a star to the SCOP that would refresh the 1-time use ability on all units. If you add more stars to both, you could perhaps grant +1 regeneration on the ability, or something like that.
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
5 years ago#3
Just so you know, extra HP gives you a damage boost.

A unit with 11HP, for example has 110% firepower. Just something to keep in mind.
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User Info: tonicpalin

5 years ago#4
here's one CO based on myself:

The Infantry and Logistics Specialist.

Extra 1000 credits per turn, all transports and recon +1 movement, Infantry +10% terrain defence bonus and behave normally during rain, direct-attack units -10% attack power. indirects -1 attack range.

CO power 1: Mass Deployment= +1 movement to all transports and infantry, +50% to transport defence but ignore terrain bonus.

CO power 2: Grand Parade= same as above + all cities produce a mech unit.

slightly unbalanced maybe? but probably too dependent on infantry rush.

Tanker-Munchkin(ol' fashioned tank rushin')

Cheaper land vehicles except transport, terrain bonus becomes attack bonus, -1 movement for indirects.

CO power 1: +1 movement and +10% attack for all tanks.

CO power 2: +2 movement and +20% attack for all land units.
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User Info: OutlawCorwin

5 years ago#5
The Infantry & Logistics Specialist is bizarre. To put it briefly, he's not fun to play as is. To go into detail

Every offensive unit besides infantry & mechs are nerfed. He reminds me of Max with his movement bonuses & of course, indirect units. As is, no one ever builds ranged with Max if they can help it. It'll be the same for... ILS. The direct units will take longer to get things done, which no player wants to deal with. It's all about the clear time. If a player wants to settle for 90%, they'd get Colin & save more than the $1000 ILS gets every day, just on common units. The movement bonuses & infantry defense looks good. His COP is godawful, sorry. +1 movement for two units types, and an APC shield is better. The SCOP is better, at least the mech units part. I'd suggest some serious buffing for his infantry, to try & be known for something. & something fun, at that. Perhaps add to his passive that infantry & recon get +1 movement if they do nothing else on their turn. Then his COP & SCOP each add another +1, as well as the ability to attack or capture IF they don't use the full movement. If you're able to send a mech through 4 spaces of mountains & attack, I think that adds serious appeal to a character. Too much? Maybe.

Tanker seems overly simplistic but actually pretty balanced. I wish there were something to give besides Lash's passive, b/c there's no way that should be there. Makes little sense for a tank fanatic anyway. Replace it with something weak & I'd say he looks plausible. Past that, increase the bonuses to both powers. 115% & 130% attack I'd say. Maybe even more. B/c no when a tank specialists powers are that much weaker than Max's, that's kinda foreboding. Max specializes in all direct units, yet his attack is higher in all comparisons? But granted, that is b/c I hate the idea of Tanker having Lash's passive. Well, hope I helped.
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User Info: tonicpalin

5 years ago#6
don't know if i'll ever find some way to hack the game but the tanker idea just came off the top of my head after i noticed i just tank rush or helicopter rush through most maps whenever i can and max's attack bonus feels a bit lacking. wish this game was popular enough for someone to mod it or come up with a simple CO editor.
as for the log/infantry spec, it is pretty much an overglorified version of myself. if it was more "realistic", i'll probably NOT get more funding and all other units will be useless except for infantry and land transports and they won't move faster but they will be more defensive.

not sure how i could reflect faster deployment in the game with my experience. maybe lower cost for transports? or change the CO powers to extra APCs in every city, and free to build APCs for 3 turns??? but anyhoo, a more realistic version of myself as a CO would be quite pathetic.
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User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
5 years ago#7
Both of your ideas are fairly simple in implementation.

It wouldn't be too hard to hack them in. The only thing there that requires actual work is the selective unit costing.

(see http://forums.warsworldnews.com/viewforum.php?f=11 for advice/help/utilities/etc)
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User Info: tonicpalin

5 years ago#8
thanks. but looks a bit a compliicated to set up, and my scrappy notebook runs java reeeeally slow.

instead of selective costing, i guess i could use colin's power and then give the tanks even more attack bonus.
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User Info: Tweekscute

5 years ago#9

His units have half firepower and movement, but fouvle defense.

Hit: Chess

Miss: Excerc ise.

Co power: Corrosive Wall: Any unit that attacks one of his takes 1 HP of damage on that turn.

Super CO: Dig In!!: His units lose all firepower and movement, but become invincible for the rest of that turn.

Great at stalling, not so good with the offense. PAiring him with Andy or Colin would work great.

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User Info: OutlawCorwin

5 years ago#10
Donny is... no. Frankly he's impossible to incorporate, and difficult to refine so he can be... And as with a previous character, he'd be no fun to play.

Enemy neotanks would take out like 40% health from an infantry, and vice versa. No one who plays wants to literally double the time it takes to win matches. Anyone who takes the campaign & war room missions seriously will hate him simply for the time wasted. There's a reason attack & defense stats range from 80% to 130%. The increases in both are near exponential. If he ever fought Kanbei his damage would be the most miserable thing ever seen.

Maybe if you play versus a human where infantry walls are spammed it'd work out. Simply for the reasoning that preventing infantry from capturing would be impossible. Still, it'd make those already long matches last days longer. Although your idea to partner him up would also work ridiculously well. Donny would create cheap meat shields while Grit or someone wrecked from behind it. Still, partnering opportunities are extremely rare.

A defensive specialist would be nice, but nothing like Donny., sorry...
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