Rank all the COs!

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User Info: Twenty0ne

6 years ago#1
favorite to least favorite

gameplay wise/personality wise w/e

by who I like use the most in war room, versus etc.:
1 .Hawke
2. Andy
3. Adder
4. Jess
5. Grit
6. Drake
7. Max
8. Nell
9. Sonja
10. Olaf
11. Flak
12. Sami
13. Sensei
14. Eagle
15. Kanbei
16. Lash
17. Colin
18. Hachi
19. Sturm

hope I didn't forget anyone!
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User Info: seventy_five

6 years ago#2
Ranked by personal usage.

1.Lash- fun to play as, great passive power auto grants +10% attack pow per star according to terrian, soild CO annd super CO powers
2..Sami-Mech rush and indirect units, leads to some interesting strategies, fun to play, also able cap even when damaged
3. Nell-Lucky, however the quirky hit or miss nature isn't for everyone, a very solid choice
4.Hawke-constant +10% attack power, in exchange for a weak CO power, great for those who don't rely/forget about it, like me.
5. Colin-fun to play as,flood the field, and switch over to more powerful units once you settle in
10. Max
17. Olaf- neutral and a completely worthless CO power, makes him a worthless CO
18. Strum- meh, just feels cheap
19.Flak- not just bad, but terribad
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User Info: Yargitsu99z

6 years ago#3
[Expletive deleted at request of Gamefaqs]

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