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User Info: RiseOfTheGeckos

10 years ago#11
He's the antagonist. It's like with Hawke. The whole point is he's supposed to be too good. Because he's a villain. Villains are supposed to be stronger than you. That way you can be the underdog in overcoming them.

This is like calling the Burning Legion in Warcraft 3 overpowered. Well, duh. That's kind of the point. They have chaos damage and divine armor for a reason. They're supposed to be nigh unstoppable. It makes stopping them an accomplishment.

If the black hole COs were balanced and the maps and troop numbers weren't slanted against you then you would have little difficulty grinding them into dust in the campaign, like Colin's first mission in the northwest territory of Blue Moon.

User Info: Xenesis Xenon

Xenesis Xenon
10 years ago#12
That's a fallacy.

Why not just make the MAP broken?

They did it in AW1. Sturm wasn't broken and you had AW1 Max on your side. And then you can enjoy all the BH COs in Vs Mode.

Besides, only Sturm in AW2 is broken and Lash selectively overpowered. Flak and Adder are a bit underpowered while Hawke is Balanced.
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User Info: DemonKingu

10 years ago#13
I don't really care about Sturm being broken. There's enough choice left if you rule him out. He's nice to use as a com CO for when you feel like creating a challenge for yourself.

But only one of those is enough for that. I'm still sad that IS didn't really balance Grit and Colin that much..
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User Info: DreadedZer0

10 years ago#14
hachi roxors on pre-deployed maps...
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