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  3. This game cheated me out of a perfect 8 day run by "killing" five pikmin
67burnt_fish 8 years ago#1
So I'm following the eight day guide to make sure I get it right, its my first time trying it, I've beaten the game maybe four or five times before. I've gotten to day 7 with no deaths until THIS:

I enter Sub-T complex with 30 pikmin, 5 yellows, 5 whites, 20 reds. The 70 others are idle at the ship, no deaths yet.

No bulbmin exist in Sub-T complex, so I've ruled out their deaths.

I make it with all thirty to the purple flower room near the end, send a single red in each queen candypop and end up with 16 more reds than before, making it 36 reds, 5 yellows, 5 whites.

I send 15 of the 36 reds into purple flowers, so now, with 46 pikmin, 21 red, 5 yellow, 5 white, 15 purple, I enter the final floor. I engage the spider and win. No deaths. 46 pikmin. I exit the dungeon, but lo and behold, the pikmin death counter reads "5".

"****", I say, "I must not have been paying attention." So naturally I reset my game and repeat the final floor. I count my pikmin along the way, concluding that no pikmin could have ever died for me to still have these numbers.

Nope. The dungeon completion screen reads the number of pikmin dead as "5". I'm fed up, so I continue anyway. Back at the map screen, I consult the piklopedia to see how many pikmin each enemy had killed. 0. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0. Not one pikmin killed by an enemy. None died. None off ledges either as the number remained 30 until the purple flower floor.

*** this. I've started this challenge over TWICE. Ugh...
shadowreaper7 8 years ago#2
Wow... thats so odd. In the exact same cave aswell.

I entered the subterranean complex (not for an 8 day run, i was doing a "hard" mode - starting after day 30 so enemies have better respawns such as beady long legs and spotty bulbear) with 30 asorted pikmin. (Red, blue or yellow).

I get down to floor 8 is it? (The rest floor with the Violet candypop buds) I have 15 whites and 15 of asorted colours ready to be made purples. None have died so far on any floor. Anyways i go and turn them into purples and flower them up using the eggs.

I then use the escape geyser on this floor.
It then tells me i've lost 4 pikmin.
I had the same thought of you, i thought, oh they might have glitched through the wall and fallen to their doom in the exit sequence.
So i reset.
I leave again, and it still tells me i've lost 4 pikmin.
I think sod it and leave anyways. 4 don't really matter i was aiming for no deaths but eh, not to worry.
I get to the surface, whistle my pikmin, but all 30 are still there. 15 purple, 15 white.

I'd really like to know what causes that glitch and if it happens in other caves.
Congratulations, you've managed to either intrigue or irritate me enough to post.
Muster128 8 years ago#3
Actually, this glitch happened to me as well during one of my deathless runs.
If I had to guess, I'd say what happens is during one of the jumping-down-a-hole cutscenes, as the pikmin randomly conglomerate around the hole, a few off them sort of "jump" off the slope of the hole and fall in the pit. The pikmin aren't technically dead, but it adds to the death count. I just shrugged it off and continued, but I can understand it being a pain.
And yes, if I remember correctly, it happened in the Sub-T complex as well, since I think that was one of the dungeons where pikmin could die by going out of bounds.
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  3. This game cheated me out of a perfect 8 day run by "killing" five pikmin
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