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The_Gaming_Duck 9 years ago#1
(STORY) You Are Captain Olimar Watching TV In His House One Day And An Important Broadcast Happens! You Find Out That The Pikmin Race Is At Stake Because Another Company (Similar To Hocotate) Who Is Drilling Into The Planet Of The Pikmin To Collect A Rare Substance To Power There Company! Captain Olimar Quickly Tells Louie And They Both Get In The Rocket And Fly Of To The Planet Of The Pikmin!


(ROCK PIKMIN)- Rock Pikmin You Find In An Underground Cave In A Rockish Looking Onion. They Are Most Useful For Breaking A New Object Glass.

(PINK PIKMIN)- Pink Pikmin You Find Flying All Around You When You Go To A New Area In The Game. They Are Most Useful For Reaching Places That Yellow Pikmin Couldn't.

(ORANGE PIKMIN) - Orange Pikmin Have A Nose An Ears And They Are Immune To Fire And Electric. (There Pretty Much Yellow And Red Pikmin Combined)

(GREEN PIKMIN)- Green Pikmin Have A Yellow Thorny Flower That They Can Throw At Enemies.Green Pikmin Are Immune To Acid A Gooiesh Substance Lying On The Ground.

(NEW STUFF)- Glass, Acid, And Drills

(ENDING)-The Game Ends When You Have Successfully Taken Down All 25 Drills All Around The Pikmin Planet.

SkrallRampager 9 years ago#2
Rainbow Pikmin- Immune to everything

Captain Pikmin- Combine all the other colored pikmin into this.
thenacho 9 years ago#3
It Is Unnecessary To Capitalize Every Single Word In Your Post.
This is my own private domicile and I will not be harassed!
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