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shadowreaper7 9 years ago#1
Now i've picked up both when they were first released and fell in love with the series. And ever since about 2008 i've been wanting a sequel (not a rehash) and finally after however long its been announced.
So anyways i've decided to replay pikmin again and then pikmin 2. I've finished pikmin and am just under halfway in pikmin 2 but because i've played both so many times i'm posting this.

in pikmin I felt the controls were good, but the overall pikmin control was lackluster. They take long times to respond to a whistle and occasionally, even if a pikmin is in range, it won't respond. Not only this but the trip rate for the pikmin is astounding, and when you only have 30days its quite annoying seeing as times is wasted waiting for them to catch up, because if you stray too far they don't follow you.
Further more, when surrounding treasure (a favourable tactic as with a large enough swarm it can kill all bulborb variants without any getting eaten) yet when they have to carry it. They will sulk disappointed for only a few seconds, but because of the long response time, its hard to get them to move to the next item.

But, the positives are i'm still in love with all 5 area's in pikmin. My personal favourite being The Forest Navel. Closely followed by The Distant Spring.
Both areas are excellent in design and challenge and offer some unique enemies to pikmin. Puffstool, Armoured Cannon beetle and Smoky Progg.
These enemies all had a unique way to being defeated. (Well except smoky progg but he was quite a unique boss anyways) I enjoyed all the boss fights immensely. Except perhaps Beady long legs because no matter where i have the camera, i can't predict those goddamn leg movements.
Emperor bulblax was a great boss fight aswell. Rising up to confront the unsuspecting player. Not only that but ability to jump and crush pikmin.
All in all i like pikmin. but i'd like it better with refined controls and a better pikmin AI

Pikmin 2 however, oh my the pikmin AI is fast and responsive. Now when they knock over a pellet posy, they don't come back to you, they carry it automatically.
They also don't sulk if they can't carry prey anymore. All of which is very beneficial.
But, i can't help but feel the difficulty got nerfed in this one.
The Bulborbs used to be able to munch and swallow pikmin almost instantly. Now however they chew their food giving you ample time to overwhelm it with a swarm.
Also the pikmin throw a lot faster than of that in pikmin 1.
Also the bosses don't pose as much of a threat as the bosses in Pikmin 1. The beady long legs is now very easy to predict and doesn't move half as much.
The emperor bublax has shrank drastically, can't jump and can only roar now to cuase pikmin to scatter.
Not only this but Goolix, Smokyprogg, puffstool and Armoured cannon beetles are non-existant.
Now don't get me wrong i can understand that after a few years, the game designers would want new enemies. And they definitly delivered with new families and additions to existing families.
I.e. Pileated snagret, Orange/Hairy bulborb, Dweevil family.
They also delivered with the new bosses.
Man-at-legs, Raging long legs, Ranging bloyster, Water Wraith, Titan dweevil, Segmented Crawbster etc.
But i can't help but feel, they could have at least put the Armoured cannon beetle back in, particularly seeing as its Larvae exist. All be it in Winter/Autumn locations.
Puffstool would also fit well in some of the cave systems. i can't help but feel a little bit disappointed about not seeiing them.
So to conclude, i prefer pikmin 2, refined controls, better AI, easier ability to multi-task. However, it still feel as though it could use an increase in difficulty. because we don't even have a time limit.
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chaocross 9 years ago#2
I thought the Pikmin responded better to C-Stick movement in the original than the sequel, but I haven't played 1 in a while. Too many times in 2 I'd make the command to move and they'd either go about it in the most stupid of ways or wouldn't go the way I wanted them to at all. They also would ALL try to pick up a pellet or something and often just stood around waiting for me to call them again before catching up to the mob.

The swarm technique didn't work as well in 2 as it did in 1 either- surrounding a Bulborb with 100 reds often resulted in a few Pikmin dying whereas in 1 the Bulborb would often die to a mob of 50 before fully standing up.

And what happened to bomb rocks and reds being 1.5x stronger in combat than yellows and blues?

However the dungeons are what really made 2. Like you said, 1 had great boss fights and a sense of accomplishment as they were defeated. I'd often take Olimar and kill all enemies on the path back after killing a boss so my Pikmin could fully enjoy their victory and could claim maximum spoils without any more combat. I never really felt that way with 2, even after the more challenging fights. And the time limit with varying endings was something I missed in 2. After learning how to manage time efficiently in 1, I found myself blasting through 2- especially since time literally stopped in dungeons so I could do a quick run and never need to return.
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