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Jigpuff 9 years ago#1
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barboid 9 years ago#2
That's really cool! Too bad it doesn''t work on the wii version, I just got it last week!! I'm a little confused on what you did exactly to do it. Would you mind explaining? Thanx.
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shadowreaper7 9 years ago#3
I imagine that when he reached the dual block and tossed thw white onto it, the Treasure loaded forcing olimar into the now highest block through i imagine just a slight glitch in programming. This would allow him to be effectivly behind the map. And in games in general the map is completely flat and object free allowing him to walk anywhere. Using the napsack however must be used on actual parts of the map at a guess and hence how it lept into the blues section.

From there its just resetting using the cave to get both explorers back and use only current pikmin with the person who selected to enter the cave.
This resets onion spawn points.

I believe it worked something like that, ofc i may be wrong because this is only educated guess.

Nice work though. Apart from it still may be VERY hard for a 7 day run. 8's the best i can manage. Purely because of the 2 Perplexing pool trips.
Infact i still think perplexing pool in 1 day would be quite hard. I wonder how many resets it would take to group some of the shearwigs and have enough space past the bulblax to get the whites to the yellows area.

Also i'vve just now thought.
Could you not use this technique to get the yellows? There is a balance just past where they are. You can then use the citadel of spiders and bobs your uncle.
Still nice work.
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J4913 9 years ago#4
To elaborate: the glitch to get inside the scale is a previously known glitch (used to get into Shower Room without destroying the electric gate). From there, you walk onto a bit of ground that actually exists in the map's model beneath the ground you can see, and walk around to get near the blues.

You then walk off that bit of ground, into the void, and use the Napsack while falling. When a captain falls into the void while sleeping, he gets dropped near where he fell off (like treasures) - and here, the nearest valid place to get dropped is in the water where the Blue Onion is.

Could you not use this technique to get the yellows? There is a balance just past where they are. You can then use the citadel of spiders and bobs your uncle.

There's nothing stopping you getting the yellows once you get to Perplexing Pool anyway, so it wouldn't help in any way. Besides, this method would only work where there's some solid ground beneath the ground you normally walk on, which may not be the case there (then again, it might - I don't know).
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