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User Info: sdkess

10 years ago#1
Does anyone have the new Bionic Commando game for the PS3/360? If so, what do you think?
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User Info: ZeroBeats Ghost

ZeroBeats Ghost
10 years ago#2
I think it does a pretty good job of bringing the swinging mechanic into the 3D realm. The game is certainly not perfect, but not as bad as some reviews paint it. Give it a shot if you have the chance.
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User Info: Heretic9

10 years ago#3
Some of the reviews outright lie by saying things like the hook isn't responsive, which isn't true at all. I never had any problems getting the hook to work, they obviously just didn't know how to work it.

But yeah I agree with the above poster there. It's a pretty damn good game, but has a few minor flaws that might cause you brief irritation.
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User Info: TheAlmightyGuru

10 years ago#4
I ordered mine for the PC, so it's taking it's sweet time in getting released.
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