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User Info: n2Deepeth

12 years ago#1
It came out today, and I'm wondering if it's an enjoyable game.
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User Info: Webapprentice

12 years ago#2
It's an action RPG and a repackaged version of Wonder Boy in Monster World on the Sega Genesis.
I played Wonder Boy in Monster World on the VC, and I had a blast with it.

You have to ask yourself if you liked games like Zelda II and Faxanadu, as this game falls into that genre.

User Info: SnowFanima

12 years ago#3
The only reason you should buy this is if you don't own Wonder Boy in Monster World. I mean unless you like buying ports with better graphics.
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User Info: realstar

12 years ago#4
This version of the game has a CD soundtrack that is really nice to listen to. The game is fairly similar but lacks the parallax scrolling from the Genesis version and features an alternate main character. Dynastic Hero has a nicer color palette overall. Personally I prefer DynasticHero but MonsterWorld is great too...
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User Info: twinseeds

12 years ago#5
I love this series so I bought this even though I already own Wonder Boy in Monster World. It gave me a great excuse to go through it again sooner. As for which I recommend...that is a tough one. I'm not through Dynastic Hero yet so I can't fully judge, but I like both soundtracks.

It's a completely different soundtrack. Not just CD quality versions of the original composition. I like both soundtracks, with the TG16 version having better sound quality of course.

User Info: MattyXB

12 years ago#6
I bought it today.

Some graphic changed from Wonderboy in Monster World too.
The first Boss was in Wonderboy a big Mushroom when I not wrong. Here its a big Toad.

But gameplay is the same like Wonderboy.
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User Info: twinseeds

12 years ago#7
Well I finished this yesterday and I love both versions, but overall I think I enjoyed the Genesis version more, if for no other reason that I missed the remix of the castle music from Dragon's Curse.
The sound is better on the TG16 version, but I prefer the composition of the original in this case...at least for some tracks.
Dragon's Curse is still my favorite in this series however.

User Info: PalomBM

12 years ago#8
I'm the opposite way. Sure, the Wonder Boy castle remix is neat, but I believe the whole Dynastic Hero soundtrack, castle included, crushes WB's soundtrack like a bug. (Get it? Bug, Dynastic Hero?) The Turbo CD may have an unfair advantage in the audio department, but when comparing two VC games that both cost 800 Wii Points, better audio suddenly becomes a big deal.

That said, WB wins when comparing versions of a certain three-headed boss. It's more challenging. I beat it on DH before getting to it on WB, and the WB version defeated me. Can't wait for the final boss...
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User Info: DugFreez

12 years ago#9
What are other games in this series? I played Wonderboy in Monster World and loved it. Are the other games in the series the same type of gameplay?

User Info: Shiaoran

12 years ago#10
Some are more like non-rpg platformers.

Monter World is my favourite.
I think it's sequel(also good, you can use multiple characters) is only avaliable for Master System...

If we already had a certain feature*, it would be easier to check the other games' pages...

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