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User Info: KewI_Kirby

10 years ago#1
Sig so I can make blank posts

User Info: CrimsonCerberus

10 years ago#2
This is your life!

Every one we knewSeem to follow youWhere was this life that you hadAway from us humans that said Between us open groundI played for twoAnd I waited all day by your sideWhen all you could do is just hideChorus:This is yourselfFalling awayYou reach for the sunAfraid of the dayQuit counting your tears'Cause we're in the worldAnd this is your lifeIt's not just your girlsAnd after what you areFind More lyrics at www.sweetslyrics.comSo time must still stopSo I waited here all day by your sideIt's starting to wear on my prideSo go do what you wantAnd I won't ask why'Cause I'm leaving all this by my sideAnd I'm starting to wear on my prideChorus: (x2)This is your life Alright This is your life Alright This is your life Alright This is your life Alright This is your life
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