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User Info: RaisinBizzle

8 months ago#1
Just played through this for the first time last night. For those unfamiliar, this is an on rail shooter where you play as Mario shooting stuff while riding on Yoshi's back (never actually seeing Mario, only the back of Yoshi's head.)

There are twelve levels that feature a brief moving segment where you shoot standard Mario enemies like goombas, koopas, bloopers, etc. Occasionally there are jumps to make and about every other level has a mini boss like a hammer bros or Lakitu. The end of every level has a main boss, typically a Koopa kid piloting some machine. After a while the levels get pretty repetitive except for the bosses.

The graphics are not bad, with large colorful sprites and neat looking bosses. Some of the enemies look a bit off due to color palette and something else I can't quite put my finger on. The main environments are pretty plain and could have been improved. The music is pretty forgettable.

The game is very short (typical for a light gun game) and also very easy, meaning that with turbo (autofire) turned on you should beat it your first time through in about an hour. Having no turbo would make things significantly more difficult.

Overall, this game was just OK, but compared to other light gun game offerings at the time (like what the Menacer got on Genesis) it is much better. If you have a super scope and can pick it up for cheap I would recommend a play through.
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