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User Info: FatRatKnight

9 years ago#1
1 ATT - 2 DEF - 5 MES - 2 LIM - - Mario
1 ATT - 1 DEF - 8 MES - 2 LIM - - Yoshi
1 ATT - 3 DEF - 3 MES - 2 LIM - - Peach (Princess Toadstool)
2 ATT - 2 DEF - 5 MES - 1 LIM - - Koopa (Bowser)

Duration of attacks for BLIND, PANIC, and SLAVE use a base of 3.5 seconds. You multiply by ATT and DEF values as above; The attacker's ATT and defender's DEF are used. If you're hitting yourself, you use both your ATT and DEF.

That said, most attacks to Yoshi lasts only 3.5 seconds, attacks to Mario or Koopa lasts 7.0 seconds, and to Peach will last 10.5 seconds. Attacks coming from Koopa will double these values, lasting 7.0, 14.0, or 21.0 seconds to Yoshi, Mario & Koopa, and Peach respectively.

21 seconds of PANIC is scary!

Specials are rerandomized every few seconds, or when you match special Yoshi cookies. The time it takes to randomize is determined by MES. Mario and Koopa needs to wait 5 seconds between specials, Yoshi is stuck waiting 8 seconds, but Peach might need to hurry to catch the special she wants with only 3 seconds, but at least waiting for the next one to come takes only a short time.

For whatever reason, character selection has the special timer adjusted right alongside defense, so the 3 second refresh rate is tied in with *1.5 incoming attack duration, and the *0.5 incoming attacks are tied in with the 8 second refresh rate.

There is also a time limit. If you do not match up a line before the fuse runs out, you lose the round. This is adjusted by LIM and further adjusted by the timer setting.

LOW - - MED - - HI
25.33 - 20.00 - 14.67 - Mario, Yoshi, Peach
13.33 - 10.67 - 08.00 - Koopa

MED speed is 20 seconds. Adjustments change this by 5.33 seconds. Koopa has this time cut nearly in half, so he should probably rush if he's also got HI timer speed -- He's only got 8 seconds to think!

Now you know what, exactly, the statistics mean.
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