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User Info: Spanettone

2 months ago#21
Lord_Wombat posted...

Oh jesus christ lmao

I don't play Street Fighter professionally, so I know nothing about it, right?

I'm not a mechanic, so I know nothing about cars, right?

I'm not a wrestler, so I know nothing of wrestling, right?

Get real... if you want to waste your time writing guides (sort of akin to writing for newspapers imo... both mediums are quickly dying), that's up to you, but to act superior for it simply makes you look foolish. Besides, I've glanced at a couple of your contributions, you have no room to judge anyone tbh.

get real as well

everyone has the right to speak, but not every opinion has the same "weight"

you want to talk about NBA coaching? you're welcome but, sorry, your opinion about it can't have the same "weight", if compared to Phil Jackson's one

here the same: this situation about hostility and bad comments can be understood fully only from people who have written faqs and, sorry, but most of you have written nothing

of course you have the right to express your opinion about it, but those opinions are only an empty shell because they are missing the vital part of this argument

write something worthy
taste the medicine of cowards and trolls comments (you can't escape from them)
then come back to tell us about it and let's see how much different will be your opinion

that's the only way to fill the empty shell

User Info: Jormungandr83

2 months ago#22
I also am a GameFAQs contributor. I'm an author. And like Cauchys, Melodia, et al, I think OP's stance is ridiculous, and Spanettone's readiness to ignore and denigrate opinions they disagree with for reasons they invent is intellectually dishonest.

I mean, if you are going to assume that the only reason you get downvotes is because they are anonymous trolls and it has nothing to do with the content of the document... then you have to make the same assumption about any upvotes you get. You can't have it both ways, and you have to learn to accept (and sometimes ignore) criticism. That the commenters get to remain anonymous doesn't change this.

Anonymous comments are a part of many fields, not just GameFAQs. I am a college professor and students are encouraged to leave anonymous feedback through the official surveys, and then there are also sites like RateMyProfessors that allow unofficial and completely anonymous comments without even verifying if the commenter was a student. So yes anybody could go on and say my class was terrible, or they could go on and say it was wonderful, or they could go on and report that I teach every lesson in a clown suit. But really, why would they? Besides, I like my clown suit.

I get positive reviews of my work, some of which has merit and some of which does not; and I get negative reviews of my work, some of which has merit and some of which does not. If my work is good, I expect to get more positive than negative, but never would I expect 100% positive nor 100% merited. There is always feedback to be given, and good or bad it can be used to improve your work.

I mean, if you really think there is some cadre of internet yahoos who go around leaving bad reviews for GameFAQs guides, and that this alone is the reason for any negative reviews you are receiving... well I'm having trouble believing that this is a real problem. (And if your negative reviews are affecting you so, I suggest that it is your ego and inability to accept criticism or simply ignore it that is the real enemy.)

Just like I am having trouble believing that as a contributor to this site I have insight into a mysterious system only perceived and understood by insiders.

Tifa: Update the FAQ or learn to accept the criticism it deserves. Or take it down. Whatever.
Spanettone: This is GameFAQs not heart surgery, it's not that difficult for someone to wrap their head around. Don't act like this is some form of sorcery that only few can comprehend.
You're too late. I gave the job to some spellsword.

User Info: OliviaTremor

1 month ago#23
Hey! It's Cloud Strife J! I wouldn't have recognized if I didn't check out the FAQ.

My opinion is this-- It's outdated and that's fine. There's a date right next to the FAQ for when the FAQ was uploaded saying it was added in 2005. That's a really, really long time ago and a time when the NBMB run was just taking off. If someone clicks this FAQ expecting up to date information, they're frankly pretty dumb for not looking to see when it was last edited. I personally think it is pretty neat that it's still up because it really is an insight into the history of the NBMB run.

That said, I wouldn't take it down. If you want to amend it go ahead, but I personally love that it exists.
(edited 1 month ago)
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