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Killing World 3-8's Piranha Plant boss with an egg before Kamek makes it biggerslk_2315/24 11:07PM
Is It Possible To Beat Yoshi's Island Without Eating (Swallowing an Enemy)YoshisIslandFan64/20 1:04PM
Disappearing door-- glitchNicholas Harvey12/1 4:48PM
Fastest completion with no glitches?Nicholas Harvey21/27 1:03AM
Using the infinite tongue glitch to see what's normally unseen...Nicholas Harvey510/3 1:09AM
Looks Better Than Most Recent 2D GamesOcean659/20 1:12PM
"Yoshi Must Die!" - a Yoshi's Island Kaizo levelEevee-Trainer19/14 2:38AM
After all these years, I just noticed this tonight.Nicholas Harvey89/9 12:53PM
Someone made a hack of the game, putting the GBA secret levels in the SNES gameEevee-Trainer19/8 4:14PM
The only best thing about this game...thanosdidnothin16/18 8:15PM
"How many eggs does it take to beat Yoshi's Island?"Eevee-Trainer75/26/2019
Minor glitch in 6-7, "KEEP MOVING!!!"
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Nicholas Harvey115/25/2019
Some INSANE close calls by a speedrunnerEevee-Trainer44/11/2019
A fanmade Yoshi's Island level, with a neat gimmickEevee-Trainer13/29/2019
Things found in only one stage of the game.
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Nicholas Harvey133/19/2019
A metal cover of "Flower Garden"Eevee-Trainer33/12/2019
Yoshi's Reversed Island: Yoshi's Island but you play every level backwardsEevee-Trainer12/28/2019
Yoshi's Highland is the best abomination everEevee-Trainer12/16/2019
"Poochy ain't stupid," they said.Eevee-Trainer31/3/2019
Obligatory reminder that this is one of the GOAT speedruns ever.Eevee-Trainer212/21/2018
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