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User Info: KongoBongoBoy

1 year ago#1
Who's more badass? - Results (476 votes)
22.06% (105 votes)
77.94% (371 votes)
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User Info: cool_boy_mew

1 year ago#2
Mallow is like the absolute contrary of "badass"
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User Info: KyuJuEX099

1 year ago#3
Geno is cool, sure.

But not as a Magical nuker like Mallow.
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User Info: SuperTriforce

1 year ago#4
I don't feel strongly about either, though if I had to pick one, it would have to be Geno. He's not only cooler, but also more useful.

User Info: kirbserker

1 year ago#5
cool_boy_mew posted...
Mallow is like the absolute contrary of "badass"

This. No matter how actually useful he is, his character arc is growing up. Geno enters as a warrior from heaven ready to kick ass.
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User Info: luckyirish_dowd

1 year ago#6
I love Mallow, but Geno is better in combat in almost every regard.

User Info: Scraps

1 year ago#7
Wow, that's a lot of votes...

Anyway, I have a hard time grasping exactly what Geno's character is supposed to be like, though that might be because I haven't spent much time with him yet.

Still, even after I do get to know him better, I feel like the way people talk about him constantly means he's always going to seem a little bit overrated to me.
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User Info: Ramza1

1 year ago#8
For gameplay, Mallow shines in common encounters and Geno shines in boss battles.

For overall character, I have to give it to Geno. To call him a warrior angel wouldn't be too far off. Even if you find Mallow's character arc more interesting, I can't say it's more "badass", not by a long shot.
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User Info: Moddragon22

1 year ago#9
I mean, Mallow is a better character, but Geno is more "badass".
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User Info: MoogleUK

1 year ago#10
Geno is defo more badass
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