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User Info: 2001mark

2 years ago#1
For a personalized Cup grouping, if I could edit them into a single, here's the 5 circuits I'd place in order...

Koopa Beach 1... What can I say, I'm a sucker for the Koopa Beaches & Vanilla Lakes. Without any Mario Circuits, this one is the easier start track. The A.I. racers do nicely keep stacked together that any small hiccup can land you back of the pack. I really like this beach because while all seems wide & vast, the actual race line between water & sand moguls is still fairly contained, tight racing for the more competitive remains - esp. during the open water spot where deep water traps abound also.

Ghost Valley 2... While GV1 is one of my favs, it's simply not challenging enough. GV2 has nice variety in it, including a gap jump if you've a feather. It's a solid challenge that can either be very rewarding or quite demanding - depending on your opposition's calibre. It's not one of the easier tracks to rebound from mistake, & yet it's still more forgiving than GV3 which I opted against.

Bowser Castle 3... Of the handful of challenging A.I. courses (Donut Plains 3, Mario Circuit 3...), this one's my fav. It has high risk/high reward, & the opposition has ample opportunity to keep you at bay, a welcome trait to keep things interesting. The field of power up jumps (if you'll indulge) allows for wide open racing, leading right into the hairpin bottlenecking turn towards Thwomps… such a great track design. I've had spells where the A.I. simply overmatches me not giving me an inch to comeback. That's awesome on a fun track like this.

Vanilla Lake 2... Love VL's... nice short round track, with interactive ice blocks in the way. Some luck can slip me through untouched, other luck can bounce me around to no end. VL2 is of course the more demanding of the ice tracks, & I've included it here as a bit of a reprieve before the final circuit, as they do in the actual game. It does offer full air it out racing all the same, it's a great place to set up the points standings going home.

Rainbow Road... Legendary circuit, perhaps even more so as a finishing track. Not much needs to be said here, all out racing that requires skill & a touch of luck. If you win, you've earned it... if you don't place, you've also probably earned that. Completing my fav 5 tracks list in style.

(No Mario Circuits or Donut Plains... they just feel less exciting & more rudimentary. No Choco either... bogged down in chocolate 'mud' doesn't make the cut.)

User Info: basser2204

2 years ago#2
CI1: My favorite track. It has a lot of variability with what you can do on it, from big offroad boosts, to a major feather shortcut, and finally the best longboosting in the entire game. Makes for some great competitive races.

CI2: Included for many of the same reasons as CI1.

KB1: I have a certain amount of love for this track. The waterslides and slideboosts make it somewhat challenging, and there's just something about getting times in the low-to-mid-40's seconds on 150cc that is so thrilling.

GV3: One of the most technical tracks in the game with all the corner cutting you get to do. Add in a longboost that can get risky on later laps as you knock out the wall and you have a nice little risk/reward play. The huge feather shortcut is also a game changer.

MC2: The most unique track on the game. Longboosts reign supreme, not to mention getting the chance to knock out CPU characters for an entire race.

Honorable mentions: DP3: Toughest track in the game, cool mushroom shortcut that hops a wall.
GV1: Classic course that was a match race favorite back in the 90's for me.
BC2: It may be way too long, but is super challenging on 150cc. The feather shortcut that clips the finish line is tough to pull off.
In the beginning you will see a black square. This is actually a cave. Make Zelda walk into the cave and get the Brown Sword. The rest is easy if you have it.
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