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User Info: Lochtiel

11 years ago#1
I'm wondering if there's any truth to the claim that this is a rare item and sells for a high price on ebay. It's the version of the game that's timed and is only about 3 minutes long. I guess it was sold through the Nintendo Power catalogs back in the day.

I heard before it was hard to get and valuable. I checked ebay but none were listed. I'd sell mine if it'll net me profits.
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User Info: TheLaughingFan

11 years ago#2
How the heck did you get your hands on one of these? I mean, I mean that (and to answer your question) only around 2000 copies were made, that makes this game one of the rarest games ever.
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User Info: Sahuagin

11 years ago#3
hell yes its rare. they held a competition at walmart stores (and perhaps other stores) where you could play for like 3 minutes or something and then it would say game over and give you a score. i cant remember what the best player won, but i remember some guy using turbo boost and managing to defeat the second boss within the time limit, dwarfing any regular persons score.

there was also a time when nintendo came to my local amusement park and had a similar promotion involving a timed star fox.

anyways the point is, these things have never been for sale so for you to have one is extremely amazing.

User Info: CranberryPSO

11 years ago#4
If you'd like to know more, come tot he Star Fox Super Weekend Competition board. I have an FAQ up there, host challenges for the game, and can answer many of your questions.
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