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User Info: Meltdown1988

11 years ago#21
Your ship only goes "too fast" on Star Fox if you're playing on an emulator. The emulator can't replicate the Super FX chip effects properly. If you're playing on a real Super NES the ship flies at the correct speed.

That's the weird thing. I played it for months on ZSNES at the correct speed, then downloaded a more recent version of the emulator and BAM, all went wrong. It's now running way too fast with the music staying behind, the usual symptoms, but it did once run correctly.
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User Info: DrLight66

11 years ago#22

Use SNES9x v1.43
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User Info: Bannified

11 years ago#23
The original has Out of this Dimension. I actually haven't beaten the game on level 3 because I can't stand not going to that wonderful enigma.
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User Info: ChowWeekly

11 years ago#24
Starfox64 was definitely the best Star Fox sequel but I like the original better based on a mixture of challenge/nostalgia. Also, characters talking is not an improvement imo.

User Info: Gengar1000

11 years ago#25
Star Fox SNES is the best Star Fox Ever!

User Info: SupremeNorthBob

11 years ago#26
Star Fox SNES is better for sure. Star Fox 64 just gets me angrier. The Great Commander is the best battle ever!!!

User Info: friendlydude

11 years ago#27
Star Fox on the Super NES is much better because of the challenge. A game like this is supposed to be challenging, and that's exactly what the Super NES version is all about. I also really love the music and think the graphics are especially charming. Sure, most people will look at the graphics on the Super NES Star Fox and laugh, but there's something extremely beautiful about them, and they make me feel like I'm flying all alone (despite having friends with me). When the characters talked in the next game, I didn't like that because it didn't feel like I was flying alone anymore. Not good. So yes, the Super Nintendo version is the ultimate Star Fox adventure. I also really love controlling the plane. It feels really smooth and realistic. The N64 version didn't give me the same feeling.

User Info: Boojie

11 years ago#28
Playing Star Fox SNES gives me a little bit of an adrenaline rush on the harder boss battles. The music... the high-stakes challenge... the scariness of crude polygons... it really does the trick for me.

Star Fox 64 just seems like it's trying too hard to be cool and dramatic. The orchestrated MIDI music tries to sound all-important, and loses the catchiness that the original game had. The game requires a little concentration, but it's not enough to get me hypnotized with full focus.

Star Fox SNES is the game for me.

User Info: MannyCav

11 years ago#29
While I think that Star Fox 64 is an overall better game in all categories (the difficulty of the hard path on the original game is enough to drive me nuts at some points), I still like the original game, despite it's little flaws. I got it used at a Game Stop (or was it Software Etc.?) for around $8 after years of playing Star Fox 64. I liked the game then, and I still like it, now. And I do think that the Great Commander boss fight (especially the first one over Venom) is one of the most exciting things on the SNES, or even Star Fox, for that matter. The music and everything surrounding the battle makes it so thrilling, despite the insane difficulty in beating it.
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User Info: Boojie

11 years ago#30
To beat the Great Commander, save at least 3 nova bombs. Knock out the ship's first 3 cannons with your standard shots, and then finish the other 3 with your bombs. I tried this method earlier today and it worked wonderfully.

The Great Commander on Venom's surface, though... that's a doozy. I just shoot as fast as I can, and when he starts his rapid-fire iron ball attack, I just stop shooting and focus all my effort into dodging. Still only works part of the time.
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