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User Info: Lord_Murdock

11 years ago#11
Star Fox 64 is way better. The people talk, it's easier to control, and I like the levels more. Your ship on Star Fox goes too fast, so it's really hard to get rings when they appear.
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User Info: DrLight66

11 years ago#12
I can't say just how much I love the two tank levels in Star Fox 64. I found playing as the tank to be a hell of a lot more fun than playing as the plane!
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User Info: yoshox2000

11 years ago#13
I think Star Fox is a timeless game that holds up very well against Star Fox 64 to this day, but Star Fox 64 is still the better game. The thing is, Star Fox 64 is still the same game as the original at heart, it just adds some extra stuff. That's why the original is still fun to play, because the basic elements that make Star Fox 64 awesome are still there in the original.

However, the better graphics, sound, new vehicles, expert mode, vs mode and free range mode puts Star Fox 64 over the original, and while the first game is historic for its use of the special chip, the same can be said about Star Fox 64 and its rumble pack

User Info: sturmdefeater

11 years ago#14
Star Fox is practically the same game done on a more powerful system. It is better than the original. As groundbreaking as the original was, 64 did make some of its own innovations.

User Info: CranberryPSO

11 years ago#15
Your ship only goes "too fast" on Star Fox if you're playing on an emulator. The emulator can't replicate the Super FX chip effects properly. If you're playing on a real Super NES the ship flies at the correct speed.
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User Info: Martial_Fox

11 years ago#16
*Raises hand*

StarFox is perfect.

Also I may be a bit biased as this was the first videogame I ever played,I think i was two years old at the time,and I remember the farthest I got through corneria was maybe 30 seconds ans=d then being shot down a lot.Four years later I beat Corneria and then died very quickly in the Asteroid field,blah blah blah blah.Ah the memories....

Moving to Star Fox 64,I fell transforiming your Arwing into a bipedal mech is way cooler than the Landmaster.oh,wait thats Star Fox 2,oh well.

User Info: Eyedunno1

11 years ago#17

Yeah, I'm with the nostalgia crowd. This was the first game I got when I got a Super NES at age 14 in 1993, and I still played it a lot at age 18 or 19. I've still never beaten Level 3, though I got to the point where Level 2 was easier than Level 1 for me (I've beaten it with straight 100%, something I never bothered to do on Level 1). I recently picked it up again (Now 14 years after I first got it!), and it's pretty hard. :( I'm pretty rusty. :(

Still, this is one of the best SNES games, period. Easily in the top 15, and maybe even top 10.

User Info: StarFox-Elite

11 years ago#18
Hmm...I just got StarFox64, its VERY hard to say which one I like better, theres allot I like from each game...

User Info: 1upsuper

11 years ago#19
I would have to say that star fox for the snes is the best. It is a true gem that everyone should get a chance to play. I don't usually like this sort of game but I thought is was a fantastic gaming experience.I also like the two "special" secret areas in the game.
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User Info: kwokyin

11 years ago#20
I think so.
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