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  3. What's with the whole "Light/Dark" thing?

User Info: Ninja4820

6 months ago#1
When I was doing some quick pre-play research (checking if there's missables, etc.), obviously I came across the importance of planning your party and classes. When discussing the classes, people often reference the path splitting in terms of Light/Dark. But why?

I don't recall any reference to the paths or classes being put in those terms while playing the game. When the class change event came up for the first split, the game just gives you the names of the two choices. I don't even recall any obvious graphical animations which would have reflected whether a class was Light/Dark. And then for the second class change, the items tell you which class they're for -- again, no reference to Light/Dark.

So where did this notion come from? Was it in the manual or something? Note that I played the fan translation.

Just curious...
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User Info: Voxwik

6 months ago#2
Back when the game was first announced, I remember gaming articles saying NPCs would treat you differently depending on how you class changed. Either these early reports were wrong, or the concept was scrapped.

Many of the class names do in fact reflect the light vs. dark. Charlotte's "Evil Shaman" class is one of the more obvious examples. Hawkeye's light stuff is ranger themed while his dark stuff is ninja themed. Kevin and Duran can heal on their light path. Kevin's werewolf forms on his light paths are more holy werewolf themed while his dark forms are based on enemies with darker names.

It's definitely still there, but if early reports were true it was originally going to affect the characters' personalities.
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User Info: desuno-to

6 months ago#3
Voxwik posted...
affect the characters' personalities.
I think that's reflected in the character artwork as well. The "Dark" guys have skulls and more violent imagery, while the "Dark" girls wear the skimpier outfits (i.e. "bad girls")
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User Info: DragonScholar

6 months ago#4
The game's instruction manual talks about Light and Dark paths for each character's class changes; and the class charts in the characters' profiles are formatted accordingly. You can view the manual on Square Enix's web site; just click the Seiken Densetsu 3 tab -- third one, appropriately -- after the interface loads, and use the arrow icons in the upper- or lower-right. Info about class changes is on page 24, and profiles start on page 30.

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User Info: Iron

5 months ago#5
yea i thought it was from the manual
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  3. What's with the whole "Light/Dark" thing?
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