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User Info: Soultpp

1 month ago#1
So I'm playing through the game again, party is Duran (Swordmaster), Lise (Star Lancer), Carlie (Necromancer). I'm at the Ruins of Light, which will be my last GB. My characters are all Lv 43 with the best equipment from the cats to date, but I've noticed that enemies seem to be randomly ignoring my defense, or at least hitting much harder than they should be. Usually, they'll hit for the normal damage, which seems to be in the 10-30 range, but occasionally they'll hit for at least 130. These aren't special attacks, just normal, unbuffed hits, and as far as I can see, it isn't enemy specific as this has been happening for the last 2-3 areas...

Is this some sort of known glitch, and is there any way that is known to fix it?

User Info: praetarius3

1 month ago#2
that might just be their versions of Lv1 techs; those get +50% attack power before defense

User Info: Voxwik

1 month ago#3
As you do each of those dungeons the ones you didn't beat yet get harder. Since you're doing that one last, the enemies there are more dangerous.

I don't remember how many times they power up. It might only be when you do half of them or something, but they do in fact power up the more you do.

User Info: Soultpp

4 weeks ago#4
I was comparing their standard damage vs the sudden hard hits that seemed to occur randomly. I didn't think any normal monster had Lv1 techs. It also wasn't area or monster specific as far as I could see, though once I started watching for it to happen specifically, it was mostly the Grells in the Ruins of Light (which was just where I was at the time). But it did happen in previous areas too, I am certain of that.

User Info: PegasusLover123

3 weeks ago#5
I noticed it the most with the Pakkun Dragons, when they used Pakkun Oil, it seemed to make their next attack a "critical" as it would do about 5x the usual damage and the victim goes flying back like as though they got hit by a spell or high tech skill.
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