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  3. Nekkid Angela Cheat - Real, bugged or what? [SD3 Improvement Hack]

User Info: Metastase

9 years ago#1
By now, everybody must know about the SD3 Improvement Hack (a colour hack).
From: http://home.arcor.de/minako.aino/sd3/
Here's what the main website of the hack says:

"Nekkid Angela Cheat!!!

The precondition is that you must play the game without using a single spell (that includes coins, statues, scales and claws) until you get your second class change. Then, when you are actually doing your second class change, right after selecting the item for your desired class, quickly enter this super-secret cheat-code on your controller:

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B.

You must enter the whole cheat before the class change is complete, or it won't work. If you did it correctly (and fulfilled the precondition), the result will look like this: (here with the Rune Mage as example)." (there are 2 pictures showing the result)

What I did: Started a new game with Angela, arrived at Elrond after collapsing on the snow. Hacked my save state to reach LVL 39. Activated the "Wind Drum" and "Debug Room" codes (Debug Room FAQ here on GFAQS) and used the Debug Room to reach the silver statue at Mana Holyland (ran from all the enemies up to this point).

Did the first class change at the statue, then activated a code to acquire the Book needed for the second class change. the above code doesn't seem to work (after trying for more than 1 hour). As a precaution, I never even "talked" to any gold statues.

So, what gives? From the work that went into the mod, I thought that this would work. Maybe the creator failed to implement this feature? Perhaps I actually need 3 party members or some story trigger before the cheat works?

I made an attempt at messing with Tile Layer Pro and Tiled2002 in order to figure if the palette is actually there somewhere but I don't understand a thing about those programs (even after reading the Help files). The GFX shown are rubbish that seems impossible to edit. Changing the viewing modes doesn't help any.

The idea was to use the RGB of the pictures on his website to figure out where the palette for the Nekkid version is (or versions, it seems like there should be 4, 1 for each final class) and proceed to substitute all palettes for Angela with 1 of the Nekkid versions (from the looks, Arch Mage and Magus would be the best looking ones). Unfortunately, I can't find information on how to do this (the Help files and the above programs themselves are not newbie friendly).

To clarify, my intention was to play the game with the sprite mentioned above from the beginning. Had the cheat worked, I would hack my save state again to go back to LVL 1 and play normally from there (albeit overpowered by Angela's 3rd class). I dunno if she can learn her Magics from previous classes normally after doing this but if not, I would hack them individually at the right times (where she would learn them naturally).

Anyone have a solution for this? I dunno what can be done. Since the mod is implemented with an IPS patch, maybe understanding it's content and applying the palette for the Nekkid version to all others could do the trick? Or maybe someone knowledgeable with Tile Layer Pro/Tiled2002 can easily figure this one out?

After many hours of google searching, I've found a dump of what seems to be the ROM Map of this game, including the sprites, though I'm not sure how relevant it is:


I'm pretty sure I might be missing something obvious, any help will be greatly appreciated! (If someone is able to explain how to do this palette swap of the sprites, I can edit the sprites myself if needed, I just wanna play with the nekkid version already)

User Info: RPG Eater

RPG Eater
9 years ago#2
I think you got pranked.

User Info: RaphaelBelmont

9 years ago#3
RPG Eater posted...
I think you got pranked.


User Info: Metastase

9 years ago#4
It's possible, but that would be really weird coming from someone who made the effort to implement the colour mods and took the time to do them.

But it seems to be the case anyway.

It's strange, there's basically no info on the subject showing up on google, I mean... it's possible that I'm actually the first one that tried to activate this cheat? The fan base of the series is not that small and I'm sure any mod would at least grab the attention from non-english speakers too.

If anyone take the time to look at the site, he actually made the sprite (at least from 1 side, if this is really a prank).

User Info: Ceebs

9 years ago#5
Sorry, I also think you've been pranked. You're talking about a lot of additional coding he'd have to do in an already notoriously buggy and hard-to-code game.
A design choice you do not understand about a game is not a glitch.

User Info: Gaming_Mastery

9 years ago#6
Yeah. With a name like "Nekkid Angela"... 'sides, you really wanna see 16 bit boobs or something?

User Info: Kineth

9 years ago#7
Guys, it's the contra code. I'm surprised there was no select start in the sequence too. Though I thought it was B, A for the buttons.

User Info: Metastase

9 years ago#8
Lets hope someone is able to prove us wrong. Yeah, unlikely.

Gaming_Mastery, it's hard to explain...I do like boobs in any shape or form, but my intentions here are very specific.

1 - It's a way to trick my mind into playing the game through and studying the scenery in the game without getting bored (which usually happens when I've figured out the systems at work and visualize the upper limit of the gameplay offered by the game) and

2 - while at the same time forcing my mind to consider a lateral thinking while playing the game. It's like I'm considering, at all times, the possibility of the inclusion of adult gameplay in a meaningful way (which, for now, I believe to be achieved through an integration with gameplay mechanics - stats systems and the like). So following this logic, the story and scenery of the game serves as a backdrop that allow me to think up the possibilities and analyze if some hypothetical situations are plausible, entertaining, pleasurable, unfitting, etc.

I'm gonna kook up the possibility of doing this palette swap myself if it's not too hard, otherwise it seems I'll have to try and play the game "as is" knowing that I'll probably stop playing anyway.

If u guys know of a way to make things more interesting through mods, hacks (exists?), par codes (like editing spells or something), challenges or similar stuff, it would be appreciated.

As for the confusing explanations above and why I'm doing this, it's because they will help me achieve the RPG concept I'm aiming for (that has to do with emergent gameplay systems and storytelling). Sry for the wall of text but it's hard to explain it briefly.

User Info: JSH357

9 years ago#9
So I got this patch way back in the day and did the entire supposed challenge to get naked Angela. I can confirm it doesn't work.
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