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  3. Is there a nice thread/link on the deleted content?

User Info: pistorious

7 months ago#1
Or is it all just conjecture/rumors

User Info: AdmiralStiff

7 months ago#2
It was a totally different game, codenamed Maru Island, a game on a very early development stage even.

When the CD add on was axed, content/assets were repurposed thus Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger were conceived

That's it!
There was never a more "complete" secret of mana.
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User Info: WolfLord925

6 months ago#4
Finally beat Saga Frontier

User Info: marylandgamer

1 month ago#5

User Info: Silverhermit

3 weeks ago#6
This is one of those topics that has popped up on GameFAQ's for over 20 years!! And one which will probably never be truly answered.

Way back in the day, it was defined as 'common knowledge' that when Square repurposed 'Seiken Densetsu 2'... A game which was planned for a release on the 'Super CD' add-on for the SNES... About 40% of the 'narrative' was taken out. This explains why (after getting the Flammie Drum) there is barely any story, even though you travel to several Palaces and other locations where the story was removed...

(As an aside, when I first played SoM I always wondered why Thanatos used the Mana Fortress to destroy the Mana Tree... As I am assuming the cut story elements added some degree of threat, and thus a need for the 'team' to reach the Mana Tree. In the released game the journey to the Tree is just offered up as a throwaway line, and its importance never given any real depth).

But in my years playing the game, the biggest removal (in terms of cutting the game down to 2MB) are the sprite animation frames....
If you play the game, as it is, casually... You probably wouldn't really notice. But, if you look a bit harder... You can see where these cuts have been made. But I guess it goes beyond sprites too.. If you look at the various places, areas, dungeons etc you visit... Everything is incredibly flat and boring. You can, if you take the time (and, using an emulator, play around with the background layers etc) see many places where moving background elements have been removed, but the placeholders still remain.

That's probably my dream, with the game... To get all the hundreds (if not thousands) of removed animation frames put back in, to see what the designers intended with the (at the time) almost limitless memory a CD would have offered them.

I'm really not that fussed about how Pandora, Tasnica and the other 'free states' intended to pool their armies to fight the Empire. Nor the (supposed) pooling of the Eight elemental forces to release the power of the Mana Sword... Along with so many other known, and supposed, storylines that did get/may have been removed.

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  3. Is there a nice thread/link on the deleted content?
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