Japanese translation of Mandala's "veedios"...

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User Info: swedishchefbork

8 years ago#1
So I was bored on my summer vacation, took a run through SD2. Got curious about easter eggs, glitches etc in the game and found that old 'glitches & mysteries' topic... someone asked for translation on the orbs found in Mandala (Manten Mountains in JP) and at least one of them I am sure is bound to spark interest...
If this has been posted before, I'm sorry! I looked but didn't find anything on it and I was pretty sure some people might have been curious.


upper left
"Time for the news. Before dawn this morning, the Country of Lorimar began missile strikes against the Empire Army pressing northward. The Empire, in retaliation, announced that it will attack the entirety of Lorimar's capital Wendel within 24 hours..."

upper right
"... Question 7! Q~~! Ding-ding, co-rrect answer!"
"Ma'am, you're really good at this..."

middle left
"My darling~ so lovey-lovey!
[my peach-!] Catch my burning heart~! [my peach-!]"

middle middle
"... Television viewers! Look at that! That's the Holy Beast of Mana!
Ah! The sky fortress Giganto has been ripped apart by the Beast! It's falling into the sea!
Ahh-- The Beast is heading this way... We cannot continue broadcasting, goodbye world, goodb..."

middle right
"And -now-, the discusssions surrounding the management of the precious little Mana Energy
remaining between the countries just aren't gonna end."
"It never -actually- decreases. Nonsense!"
"W-Wait a sec, just what never decreases? --You! You cheeky little...!"
"This is the last straw between you and me!"
"The **** are you doing? Ah - hey - stop it!"

bottom left
"twang... spark-spark..."
"This one's broken!"

bottom right
"Uwa-!! It blew up!"


My thoughts: First of all, the Mana world had some seriously weird pop music back in the day. :p
But definitely the most interesting is the mention of Wendel... the very same Wendel from SD3, maybe. I figured there was a link between the games but that solidifies it a little more for me :)
There really isn't a whole lot of difference in the different languages but, hmm, the Japanese is definitely less vague in parts (a large part of this is due to character restrictions in the text boxes I think. With Japanese characters you can fit more inside those boxes; I think it's kinda impressive how the translator managed to translate with that limitation), so I guess if you want a specific part retranslated just ask...

User Info: Gouki_of_Borg

8 years ago#2
Very interesting. The Holy City Wendel is actually in Seiken Densetsu 1 (FF Adventure) as well, as was Lorimar.

Now that Pokeiyuu has provided us with the Japanese script, I'd love to dive into this and see if anything else of note is different. A complete retranslation would be incredible, but my knowledge of sentence structure is nowhere near enough to be a big help. Still, maybe a few of us can take a look and see what we can find.
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User Info: Relm_Arrowny_87

8 years ago#3
That's actually pretty interesting. :)

In Final Fantasy Adventure (the English version of Seiken Densetsu), "Wendel" was a major city, and "Lorim" (translated as "Lorimar" in later games) was an ice country. I'd assume they had similar names in the Japanese Seiken Densetsu.

...Although, Wendel wasn't *in* Lorimar in the first game... They were very close to each other, IIRC, but that's a little odd.

*Spoilers ahead for both games*

Also, based on the "veedios," I think Secret of Mana happened after Seiken Densetsu. I think they kinda imply that the world was half-destroyed by war sometime between the two games. The ghost and Mana Tree from this game seem like references to the hero and heroine from the first game, since the guy was a knight and the girl became the tree. (I don't think they're exactly the same, though, since Randi couldn't have been born, and it seems like a lot of time would have needed to pass between the storylines. Unless you'd like to argue that a ghost and a tree can have a child. o.0) That's all conjecture, though.
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User Info: FreshFeeling

8 years ago#4
I was actually curious about the translations of the veedios and really wanted to see a retranslation of this specific part for a while.
Weird how close it was, besides the mention of Wendel. I knew Lorima was Lorim/Lorimar from the other mana games.
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User Info: AstralEsper

8 years ago#5
Oh wow, neat! The mention of Wendel is indeed particularly interesting.

As to other requests... how about somewhere in the neighborhood of two parts: the text before the first veedio, and the text after the last veedio? ^^;

But in all seriousness, if you're bored and feel up to it, please feel free to take a crack at pokeeiyuu's transcribed Japanese + English script. It would be awesome to finally have a proper translation for this game, unencumbered by space restrictions and puritanical censorship policies. I might even be able to work up a retranslation patch with one!

User Info: AstralEsper

8 years ago#6
Forgot to post the links. First is to the thread discussing it, second should just be to the script itself.



User Info: melusine

8 years ago#7
I was the person who asked for the translation of the Mandalan veedios --- thank you!

Very cool :D
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