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User Info: tanookium

7 years ago#131

User Info: BladeDiva

7 years ago#132
ok, well that's disappointing... the game seems to work fine on the small screen, except the black font used on the menu becomes gibberish for some reason. anyone know a fix for this?

This is really really late, but it's probably a screen-res issue. This game's menu text screws up if the emulator's internal res is too low. Older computers (like, Windows 95 old) often couldn't make use of high-enough resolution without workarounds.


OMG... Has it really been over 15 years?
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User Info: djinntotonic

6 years ago#133
It seems nearly all of the links in this stickied topic are outdated (thanks for being awful, geocities!). Is there a reliable place to find spell/skill powers, Level Factors, enemy CR, Battle Rank mechanics, and initial skill/equipment lists?

If there's not a site, then maybe someone who saved any of those lists might be willing to post them directly into this topic? It seems like important info to have documented.
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User Info: djinntotonic

6 years ago#134
After an egregious amount of searching, I found a Japanese site that has the damage formulas and skill powers of all the abilities. (for skill/spell power) (for the Damage Formulas)

I was curious how accurate the JPN site was compared to Zach's findings. I'm assuming Zach did data-mining into the actual ROM itself, and for the most part, the two formulas (for basic weapon damage) line up.

from the JPN site:
D = Base + {C*STR + C *(50-C)/2}/4*Growth + {Growth+C+(STR-19)/2}*(WpnPw-DEF/2)/2 + Ran#

using Zach's terms:

Raw Dmg = Base*Hits + {LF*STR + LF*(50-LF)/2}/4*TF + {TF+LF+(STR-19)/2}*(WP-DEF/2)/2 + Random#

quoted from Zach:

A = 4 * Base * Number of hits
B = (STR * 8 + 50 - LF) * LF * TF / 32
C = (WP - DEF/2) * (LF + TF + (STR - 19)/2) / 2
Raw Damage = A + B + C + random(1~(Level * 3))

Simplified, these come out identical except for the first part. Whereas the JPN site uses simply Base * Hits (called just "Base", but the site notes it as "Base*Hits"), Zach's formula uses 4 * Base * Hits. Where does this extra 4 come from?

I'm hoping it's just already included in the JPN site's Base numbers because otherwise I can't trust either Zach's figures or this JPN site's formulas. It would seem so since most of the Base numbers listed on the JPN site are divisible by four.

If so, then this site can be used to mine Damage Formulas for every skill in the game.
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User Info: misterbum

6 years ago#135
You became the boss. You are great.

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#136
i still cannot believe there is still missed information about this game. thought i had did enough with this game as far as the infinite money trick and triple sword trick. almost beat this game with all of the 8 main characters but only ones i didnt do was harid, thomas, mikhail, and im not so sure about monica.

User Info: kirusu

4 years ago#137
Jati_no_Rei posted...
finally getting back into this game, now that i've found an emulator that works on my PSP... speaking of which, if any of you are still holding off on using CFW b/c of worries abt using odd batteries etc, fear not! advances of technology have come to your rescue! it is now easier than its ever been, involving a simple program. just google relevant phrases along with the current year...

back on topic, I'm having a hard time choosing who to start with. I'm torn between Ellen and Julian (Ellen is my favorite of the settlers, and I've never really fooled w/ Julian.)

Julian as far as status growth seems to be way better than Ellen. i actually put Ellen as my start up on big sword due to the fact i wanted every main character to at least still 9 triple swords before i went and destroyed this game. Katrina and Julian are usually easy and better starts. Katrina for the simple reason of how much money she can receive if she loots Mikhail's equipment. Sides it takes long as hell to even receive the guy in her play-through so even getting him despite what others may say seems rather very pointless. <spoilers>the reason being is that she must obtain Herman and then do the quest with Muse/Sharl to trigger the event of Maximus. Then you have to go through that long and boring tower to get one weapon and to only find out that you must defeat a gate guardian to even get in the palace of loanne. At this point of going through all that you find a very weak Monica and a outdated Mikhail.<spoilers>
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