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User Info: DLCmeWthemHands

4 months ago#1
Hi, all. I'm working on a run to maximize the number of generation-change (not death) emperors, while also getting the "Self-Aware Automaton" and "Other Legend" achievements and accessing Dark Magic relatively early. I spent a lot of time trying to map it all out... and I hit a snag on my very first post-Gerard emperor! >.<

To clarify, the general rules for black screen generation skips are (and pardon, I'm not a coder, and I couldn't figure out to have leading spaces on GameFAQs "code" format)

if (EventRank ≥ 8 & EventRank < 15) {
___if (BattleNumber ≤ 240) {
______if (BattleNumber %% 16 ≤ EventRank) {
___if (BattleNumber > 240) {

if (Event Rank ≥ 15) {

else {
___NoChange #date increases by 1 year

For references, I'm using...
  • https://saga.fandom.com/wiki/Generation_Mechanics
  • https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/588633-romancing-saga-2/44052052 (post by sidogi on page 4)
  • http://homepage1.nifty.com/rs2/univ/8-15.html (via WayBack Machine)

In other words, to achieve a generation skip, get the EventRank at or above 8 and the remainder of BattleRank ÷ 16 below EventRank, right? I assumed this mean that, upon reaching 8+ ER, if a generation skip did not occur at a black screen, you would just need to reload, fight 8 more battles, and try again (given it's a simple greater/less than check). Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Here was the start of my plan (ER points in brackets; black screen events in italics)...

Leave the Sealed Cave [1]
Clear the Goblins's Hideaway [1]
Clear the Watchmen's Nest [1]
Defeat 1st form Kzinzie [4]
Defeat the Gelatin in the Fiend's Cloister [1]
*GEN SKIP* Capture Ludon by clearing the Mines [4]

_Emperor #2_ (Any)
Kill Deep One (Vagabond quest) [1]
*GEN SKIP* Destroy the Canal Fortress [8]

_Emperor #3_ (Vagabond, Mercenary, or Brawler)
Resolve the Armed Merchants problem in North Longit [4]
Defeat the Termite Queen in the Savanah [3]
*GEN SKIP* Conquering the Savanah (speak to Hunter) [1]

Etc. etc. (I can post the whole plan if folks are curious). I just can't seem to force a skip after Canal Fortress! I've tested my hypothesis - reload, kill 8 mobs, try again - and it did not work. I've started doing it incrementally - reset, kill 1 mob, try again - but it's laboriously tedious and doesn't seem logical given the supposed formula. Help? Is the ER for Canal Fortress not actually 8? Is the formula just a guess rather that proven coding in the game?
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  3. Forcing a Generation Skip?
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