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User Info: killerb255

8 years ago#1
Okay, a few years ago, some of the topic here (particularly the one called "Rocbouquet! You seem to have two left hands!") hints at being able to make Coppelia the Emperor.

I've tried the usual ways:
1) LP kill the existing Emperor with a full party (Coppelia and three other characters). Result: Can only choose from the three non-Coppelia members.

2) LP kill the existing Emperor with only two party members (the Emperor and Coppelia). Result: Must choose new emperor from four new characters.

Am I missing something here?

User Info: Elliott20

8 years ago#2
You don't need to LP kill your emperor.

You just need to have Coppelia in your party when your current emperor retires. Keep in mind though, you need to make sure you're not on your final emperor.

Also, Coppelia can only take over once. After which, she ends up sitting in your storage.

User Info: killerb255

8 years ago#3
Ah! That makes sense.

It's too late in my current playthrough for this to work, since I've beaten three of the seven bastards (Bokie, Rocbouquet, and Wags) and have completed the following Black Screen scenarios:

the City Thief scenario/Canal Fort
Pirates of North Rongit
Garon's Coup
Towers of Terelutva/Desert
Hive Queen
Ludon/Moo Rancher

Mermaid quest is out of the question since the Sunken Ship scenario has started.

So the only two Black Screen scenarios left involve Subbie (if he doesn't show up in the Sunken Ship...then again, since it's the year 1905 and I think I did Garon's Coup in the 1200's, he just might) and the 'targ (likely Child and Baby Moo...he didn't show up in the other dungeons he likes to hang around in. Triggering either of those will get me the final Emperor (because four of the Seven Sodomists are sodomized).

User Info: Elliott20

8 years ago#4
the seven sodomites? *twitches*

That brings an incredibly uncomfortable picture when it concerns Dantag.

User Info: killerb255

8 years ago#5
Okay, I started a new playthrough and went in the following order post Kujinshi 1:

1) City Thief scenario/Somon gate (and did the infinite gold trick up to 5 million...wasn't anywhere near enough!!!)
2) Dat Monk
3) Jewel Mines
4) Cumberland
5) Pirates of North Rongit
6) Hive Queen
7) Mermaid
8) East Dungeon of North Nazelle (no Dantarg, phew)
9) South Dungeon (still no lard ass, phew)
10) Komulune I
11) Dat Demonstone
12) Garon's Coup
13) Have Hiraga build bridge.
14) Towers of Terelutva (took a stop in Yuyan to start the bard shenanigans)
15) Komulune II (RIP Salamanders, me want dark magics)
16) Bokuhohn II (Rapid Stream + Sword Barrier = bye bye Bokie). +190 year time jump from all that fighting.
16) Rocbouquet II (1 male emperor w. Somon Ring + 4 female characters...Call Lightning was a bit of a pain). +250 year time jump from all that fighting.
17) Bridge gets pwn'd. Pwn Master of Ocean.
18) Put Coppelia in party.
19) Wagnas II (always a pain. Shadow Servant + Sakura and gratuituous doses of Reviva = so long Wags!). +250 year time jump again.
20) Coppelia is mah emperorz!!!!!
21) Walk through Subier II (Coppelia w. Shadow Servant + Sakura, male Holy Order w. Shadow Servant + Sakura, Moleman w. Reviva/Fire Wall/Galaxy, female Holy Order w. Galaxy, healing spells, female Nomad w. Reverse Delta...oh, I mean "Fast Nebula", Yoyo, Reviva. Subs had no chance). Avoid talking to the Ocean Woman/Diver...otherwise black screen = final emperor.
22) Walk through Noel II (same setup as Subs, except the female Holy Order, Moleman, and Nomad all brandished Sword Barrier--moleman also broke out Fire Wall. Noel had no chance.)
23) Walk through Dantarg IV (yes, IV...guess I grinded a little too much...oh well, needed more Reviva than usual, but the Targ went down). Passed up the child and his goat, otherwise black screen = final emperor.
24) Went through an empty lower level of Sealed Earth and got better armor.
25) Prepare for final dungeon (Somon Ring on the male Holy Order, Soul Steal dodge).
26) Pwn'd Kujinshi II (of course).
27) The big meatball. Wasn't as hard as previous playthroughs. Coppelia had that thing called the Amethyst Axe. Dragon Pulse x 9001 + Phantom Warrior = OMGWTFBBQ! Granted only Axe techs could be used until she dies, Yoyo and the Nebula were enough. Once the phantom was dead, Shadow Servant + Sakura = OMGWTFVegetaWhatDoesTheScouterSayAboutTheDamage? Gratuitous Reviva helped as well.

Conclusion: Yes, Coppelia can solo the Meatball with over 9000 Dragon Pulses + Phantom Warrior + lots of Yoyo/Nebula.

User Info: Elliott20

8 years ago#6
Honestly, I've always felt the amythest axe + dragon pulse combo was a bit of an overkill.

I mean, yeah, it's quite awesome, but it takes so long to set up so that it's worth it.
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