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User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#1
Well, I have my own version of scenario 6 of RoTK2 PC.
(Keep in mind: this is PC RoTK2).
I added 244 new officers into scenario 6, all of them are listed as future hidden generals, who starts to join from year 221 and onward.

From our common experience, the original scenario 6 stop fightings around year 240-250s, because most of the generals are already dead at that time.

In my expanded scenario 6, there's still frequent wars around year 270-280s. And the wars are stopping around year 290-300s.

And most of my new generals are not from my imagination, they are from RoTK3,4,7,8,9,10,11 (you can check if you wish); and they use the highest stats from those games (because generals after year 220 are rarely have war above 90). (And that's makes certain generals like Jiang Wei or Wen Yang become so powerful). I think it's 237 new officers are purely from Koei series and only seven I created by myself.

The seven addition from my own creation are historical person from War of Eight Prince period of Jin dynasty; they are prominent figure from that era, they are: Sima Liang, Sima Lun, Sima Yong, Sima Yue, Liu Yuan, Zhang Gui, Li Te. Each of them have their share to bring destruction to the Jin Dynasty except Sima Liang. .. And all of them born before year 256AD, and they waging wars around year 290-300s.
I just added them because Sima rules.

I also changed the name of scenario 6: "three way contest"; into "Romance of Three Kingdoms."
Rename with faulty logic that's the true era of three kingdoms (year 220-280), also under another fauly logic that the most active kingdoms are Wei, Shu, and Wu. (But in the game, there are several more forces involved. The most powerful is Nanman, which I added nine generals into Nanman ranks. Another powerful is Gongsun Yuan's forces, which I added about six generals) (I also add some Zhuge Dan's followers and some Guanqiu Jian's followers.)

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#2
Right now I reconsidering to make the nine added Nanmans from free join to be autojoin Meng Huo.
Free join have lower loyalty, based on compatibility.
Autojoin has higher loyalty at 95-100; and autojoin has advantage: they join in January, no need for searching. It's very good when you wish to make a kingdom become strong at beginning.
If those nine Nanmans autojoin Meng Huo, then yellow Meng Huo will suddenly become yellow Yuan Shao, because at year 221 he has 17 generals in single province (Yuan Shao have 17 generals at starting scenario 1 in single province).

I also add those Budugen and Kebineng people. This is a huge advantage for new ruler who start at province 15.

I also bring those Bei Yan, Yang Zuo, Liu Fu, Jia Fan, Lun Zhi, etc, to make Gongsun Yuan rebellion more serious.
And I also reconsidering to make them autojoin.
This also a huge advantage for new rulers who start on province 1. First turn is to recruit Gongsun Yuan and bring him into home province so he can't revolt.

The only province for new rulers which is lack of early recruiting is province 41.
If new rulers start at province 41, then in year 221 he wants to talk with Meng Huo who maybe has 17 generals, or with Ma Chao who maybe has 12 generals.

And yes, we can play vassal game to support Meng Huo or Gongsun Yuan; because here are plenty of generals (total is 437), and we can push the war from year 220 to year 270, before many generals starts to mass die.
But I think it should be some wars until year 300s. Because there are many generals who born around year 240-255.

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#3
Original RoTK2 has 352 generals, played from year 189 until year 240 (effectively), it's 352 people within 50 years.
In this expanded scenario; it's from year 220 until year 270-280; it's 437 people within 60 years.
You can imagine the queue of hidden free generals would be as crowded as hell.

Unfortunately I can't set the ruler choice.
So I can't make Guanqiu Jian, Wen Qin, and Zhuge Dan, as separated/independent forces.
Anyway, some people don't want to see Wei getting separated.

If anyone wish to download it, please tell me.
But keep in mind: this is PC version.

User Info: CountdeLaFey

4 years ago#4
This looks really cool. If I had a PC I would definitely be interested. I don't think I could run it on my Chromebook.

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#5
Gongsun Yuan is more to a ruler than a rebel governor; because he always rebel very early at Jan or Feb or March 220.
By giving him several autojoiners in year 221, he will be suddenly strong enough; and Cao Pi will mostly send some of his forces to north to face Gongsun Yuan.
I think it's about 6 autojoiners in year 221, but then around year 240s his son will autojoin later.

Meng Huo is suddenly become mostly hostile to Liu Bei; which is not so often in original scenario.
Maybe because Meng Huo has 17 officers in year 221 (yes, I was forced to make them all autojoins instead of free searching).
But Meng Huo's great fatality is his population too thin.
Someone said maybe I should readjust the populations in the map, but I'm hesitated. Because if I adjust the populations to the historical based; then Wei suddenly become tooooo strong. That province 8 and province 16 will be as strong as province 10; and most of RoTK players would be shocked.

Especially about that Gongsun Yuan guy, he is very useful for new ruler who start in province 1.
Because if Gongsun Yuan haven't revolt yet, new ruler had chance to recruit him and bring him into new ruler's province or new ruler just move to his province.
Then in year 221, all Gongsun Yuan autojoiners will join him, as well as making the new ruler stronger with six autojoins with loyalty 95+.
But then......that Gongsun Yuan guy proved to be Lu Bu type.
That ashhole always switches sides in battle during the bribes. Even his loyalty is 100.
And he will revolt when appointed as governor, even his loyalty is 100, without any reason, and without any tiger and wolf.
The conclusion is, for most RoTK players who hates Lu Bu and also hates Lu Bu type; just recruit Gongsun Yuan and seize his 50 soldiers (or 5000 in PC) and wait until year 221 when all his autojoiners join; then always put Gongsun Yuan as common general in home/capital province, or had him executed.
Some difference between Lu Bu and Gongsun Yuan usefulness in home province as common general is: Lu Bu's function is to destroy enemy ruler's trust (asking alliance and enemy tries to capture him), while Gongsun Yuan is more useful to do betrayal or tiger and wolf or other dark plots.
But then, I prefer to use Gongsun Yuan as ruler if I can. But unfortunately I can't change rulers setting choice in scenario 6.

About province 15 year 221, I added Kebineng, Budugen, Ya Dan, Yue Ji, Qiang Duan, and then later Ehe Shaoge (maybe around 230s, depend on the queue).
This makes the new ruler in province 15 busy recruiting in year 221. But those generals have low int, although they are good in war.

Since this starting is year 220, then I cannot add old people like Che Liji, or already deceased people like Ta Dun, Lou Ban, Zuoxian, and many others.

I was thinking to add some Joseon kings and generals, but I think it's gonna too far, since koei himself already have 900+ generals which I choose as main priority.

I was about to add Sima Hui, Xu Zijiang, and others, because I have their koei stats too. But I cancelled because they are too old in year 220.
(The reason to add is because someone wish to behead them).
(Maybe DragonAtma can put Sima Hui and Xu Zijiang and Hua Tuo within his mega mod, so we can behead those nasty travellers).

About Caos and Xiahous.
Well, I added many more of them, based on Koei RoTKs.
Cao Zhen has three more sons who appears in RoTK series, this will make Cao Shuang faction stronger.

About the Suns.
You Wu lovers will gonna love this. Sun Jing's grandsons, as well as other distant members of Sun family also join here.

About Liu Bei's descendants.
Liu Yong, Liu Li, Liu Xuan, Liu Chen, they are all here.

About Sima!
I think maybe there's about seven more Sima here.

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#6
Well, although I added about 244 new generals into scenario 6, and make it become 437 total;
But most of historical figure who are famous enough (and appear in comical series of thre kingdoms) who did not appear in RoTK series, sadly, all of them are not listed in this addition.

For example is the seven bamboo groove people, like Ji/Xi Kang, Liu Ling, Shan Tao, Ruan Ji, and others;
Also the famous Xun Can the son-in-law of Cao Hong;
Also the famous Wu general Tao Huang;
And the famous Jin general Zhou Chu who killed dragon and tiger.
And Wei candidate for regents Cao Zhao and Xiahou Xian, and their political enemies Liu Fang and Sun Zi.
And sons of famous generals; example Xu Huang's son Xu Gai, and Xu Huang's grandson Xu Ba, Zhang He (gay)'s son Zhang Xiong, Xiahou Yuan's sons Xiahou Rong, Xiahou Zhuang, etc, Huang Zhong's son Huang Xu, Huang Gai's son Huang Bing/Ping, and many others.
And many more famous figure.

Koei series maybe focused on the novel first as their main priority; since I saw there are so many fictional generals.

But since I focused on koei stats, then I priority them, although they are fictionals.
Then later I only put six or seven more generals, just to extend the year after 255.

I also put Liu Xun and Liu Zong; since they have unique portraits and they are historical still alive in year 220 and still young.

But anyway, 244 new generals are PLENTY!!
Let's bribe them all!!

Gongsun Yuan's strategy: switches sides \(^.^)/

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#7
I don't know if I should mention this, but one of those officers will appear in my megamod.
My NES, SNES, and GB all work just fine. Who cares about graphics when the gameplay is awesome?

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#8
DragonAtma, maybe we are gonna be an university teacher or lecturer or Professors of Three Kingdoms.
Let's gain our degree \(^.^)/

Cao Bao: "Students, today we are studying about bribery!"
College students: "But, Mr. Professor, are you sure this study gonna be applicable in our real life?"
Cao Bao: "Absolutely!"

User Info: CountdeLaFey

4 years ago#9
There is still a maximum number of generals that can be present in the game at one time, right? 215 or so? Would it be necessary to kill a couple of hundred generals to see all of the new guys?

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#10
Yes, although there are 437 generals in the queue; but only 215 can present at one time.
That means the old ones should be dead first before the later ones can join.

But after I follow DragonAtma advice, for not beheading anyone and just let everything flows,
I found that later generals delayed about fifteen years (from his schedule) before he can join.
So instead of join in age 16-20, they will join at age 31-35. I think it's still good. I think it's good when you are age 35 and just accepted to be government official with higher ranks.

Keep in mind that present generals are also not that old, they are mostly about age 35-60, and their stats is not that bad because I use koei maxed stats.
So it's not necessary to kill everyone at once. Just let it flow. (They sings: let it go?).

Let's say the older generals would be Huang Zhong, Zhang Fei, Ma Chao, Zhao Yun, Gan Ning, Xu Huang, Zhang He, etc.
Then after they died, we have older generals like Jiang Wei, Deng Ai, Wang Shuang, Guanqiu Jian, Shamoke, Meng Huo, Wen Qin, etc.
After they died, we have another generations like Wen Yang, Zhuge Dan, Zhong Hui, Wang Jun, Du Yu, Lu Kang, Zhou Zhi, Fu Qian, etc.
After they died, we have the last generations like Sima Yan, Sima Lun, Jia Chong, Sima Yong, Sima Yue, Liu Yuan, Li Te, Zhang Gui, and many others.

I think it's plenty each generations.
There are sooooo much people, include Zhuge Jun, zhuge Zhan, zhuge Shang, Liu Chen, Liu Yong, Liu Li, Liu Xuan, Huang Chong, Zhang Shao, Zhang Zun, Guan Yi, Guan Tong, Huang Hao, Jiang Bin, Deng Liang; Hu Zun, Hu Fen, Hu Lie, Hu Yuan, Sima Zhou, Sima Wang, Sima Liang, Cao Xi, Cao Xun, Cao Yan, Cao Yu, Cao Fang, Cao Mao, Cao Huan, Xiahou xuan, Guanqiu Dian, Guanqiu Xiu, Gongsun Xiu, Wen Hu, Zhuge Jing, Zhuge Xu, Wang Ji, Wang Hun, Yue Chen, Pang Hui, Xu Yi, Xu Zhi; Taishi Xiang, Zhuge Qiao, Sun Ba, Sun Xiu, Sun Chen, Sun Jun, Sun Hao, Sun Zhen, Sun Ye, Sun Xu, Sun Xiou, Sun Yi, Yu Quan, Quan Duan, Quan Yi, Quan Shang, Quan Wei, Lu Kai, Lu Ju, Lu Shu, Yu Si, Wang Su, Bu Chan, Bu Xie; Kebineng, Budugen, Ehe Shaoge, Qiang Duan, Ya Dan, Yue Ji; Midang Duosi, Mulu Duosi, Tu An, Xi Ni, Wu Tugu, Dailai Dongzhu, Mang Yachang, E Huan, Yang Feng; Gongsun Gong, Jia Fan, Bei Yan, Lun Zhi, Yang Zuo, Liu Fu; zzzzz zzzz zzzz.....

Well, where am I?
I think this crowded scenario is a good thing to play.
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