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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#1
So I took another look; I finally found where the battle maps are stored!

They start at 32B94; each byte is two squares of map. So, this seems to be the chart of tiles:

0 = grass
1 = forest
2 = hill
3 = mountain
4 = water
5 = fort
6 = castle

And the first thirteen characters are:
00 00 11 13 32 22 30 10 00 02 22 23 32

This, as you can see, matches the top two rows of battle map 1 perfectly! (see http://imageshack.us/a/img59/576/rotk2battlemaps.png for the maps).

Map 1 is 32B94-32BE1
Map 2 is 32BE2-32C2F
Map 41 is 337C4-33811

So if you want to replace the Yangtze with a line of hills, NOW YOU CAN!

Now to locate attacker & defender starting points...
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User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#2
Aha! attacker/defender starting points are just before the maps and use the same format (half a byte per tile, 78 bytes per map).

0 = no starter
1 = attacker, southwest
2 = attacker, south
3 = attacker, southeast
4 = attacker, northwest
5 = attacker, north
6 = attacker, northeast
7 = defender

Province 1 is 31F16-31F63
Province 2 is 31F64-31FB1
Province 41 is 32B46-32B93

I don't know what the limits are; you should have at least five starting points for each attacker and at least ten starting points for the defender, but there may be an issue if you have too many starting points. A quick check of four maps revealed twenty starting defender points on each map; I haven't checked all of them.

So we're that much closer to outright changing the map...
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User Info: ErikoChristy

5 years ago#3
Good job Atma! I had accidentally changed the battlefield long time ago when I first used a hex editor. I remember pming jununhere about it and wasn't sure because it wouldn't let me go back and change it after saving it. Truth be told, I remember I made a mountain which created an impossible way for the attacking team to win lol.

User Info: the_third_curry

5 years ago#4
Funny, I was just asking about this in a topic about a month or two ago.

It would be great if there turns out to be a way to change the amount of attackers and defenders allowed.

User Info: jununhere

5 years ago#5
Great find Atma!!

User Info: ServantOfMagnus

5 years ago#6

TWO tiles per byte.....so THAT'S what threw me off.....

This is the most important discovery so far for modifying the game. As cool as changing the roster, scenarios, etc., is, changing the battle maps will probably have more long-term impact on the actual gameplay.

Words cannot express our gratitude, Sir DragonAtma.

One thing I have wondered about is the CPU vs. CPU battles. Do they proceed differently if you select 'View other wars'? Or does the game go through the same motions but you just don't see it? I wonder because the terrain should affect the CPU attacker's ability to defeat the CPU defender. For example, it should be much harder to take, say, province 29 than it should be to take province 28. But I guess we've always played with 'View other wars?' off, so I don't know what the algorithm is to determine the probability of the winner. I just wonder if the game logic is different (i.e. simpler) when it doesn't have to show you the battle moves from how it functions when it does have to show you. Does anyone have any insights into this?

In a related vein, it's always been somewhat irritating that the CPU will only fight 'easy' battles. It seems that a CPU ruler, no matter how strong, how high his ambition is, or how high the enmity between two rulers is (or should be), will seldom attack a province once there are a certain number of troops stationed there, even if the battle should be perfectly winnable with the attacker's superior generals and resources. Of course, part of the problem is that CPU battles won't last over 30 days. (Or does that change if you turn 'View other wars' on?)

But the result is that CPU rulers seem to stop fighting each other after the first few years of gameplay, even if you provoke them. I suppose I must remember that this game IS roughly a quarter of a century old.....

Well, time to get a big pad of graph paper and start drawing some battle maps, eh?


User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#7
If you view other battles, they'll definitely go past 30 days. Just this morning, in PU scenario 6 Liu Bei invaded Meng Huo. After 30 days, he sent two generals as reinforcements, and after 30 more days he sent two more generals as reinforcements; in the end, he won, and Meng Huo went he way of defeated one-province forces with nowhere to flee. But if wars are off, the battle NEVER lasts more than 30 days, so it's EXTREMELY likely they use a different, quicker formula.

Now that we have battles done, the main thing left is to find a way to change the map of china. More specifically, the map itself can be done (an so can the clickmap), but when province numbers blink they blink between blank and a specific tile... the wrong tile, unless we find a way to change it. The other china map issue is that they fill provinces with floodfill (just like ms paint's floodfill), but we don't know where they store the spots. I *DO* know which spots are chosen for the floodfills -- specifically the very upper left corners of the red squares inhttp://img14.imageshack.us/img14/5066/floodfillspots.png -- but I don't know where in the game itself they store that info.

Finally, it may be quicker to use a tile-based editor than to use a pencil and graph paper. ;)
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User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#8
This is only a theory:
If we "don't see the war" between CPU vs CPU; sometimes we see the invader defeated.
But the most weird is when you see both province (invader province and the invaded province) After The War; sometimes the invaded province has very few soldiers so he's about to be defeated almost; while the loser generals of the invader province still has lots of army that would easily win if the battle continued on the next month.

Another weird stuff is: the loss of the soldiers (especially when the soldiers are max before the battle); seems those generals loss soldiers in almost same amount/same sum. For example: the remaining soldiers of Zhang Fei 82, Guan Yu 83, Zhao Yun 80, Huang Zhong 78, Ma Chao 85; while the enemies remaining soldiers Cao Cao 39, Cao Pi 32, Cao Ang 37, Cao Zhi 35, etc.

So the theory is: "don't see the war" then CPU vs CPU is only numbers vs numbers, terrain battle map has nothing to do with it.
And if the battle continued for more than 30 days; the invader lose the battle.

Well, that's only a theory.

Nat Povak: "What if I told you: the other rulers do not trust Cao Cao?"
Nat Povak: "And what if I told you: Lu Bu is strong but he can't be trusted?"

User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#9
Cao Bao has a point; I seem to remember automated battles leaving fairly equal numbers of troops for everyone, even if one general is Zhao Yun and another is Mi Zhu. Ditto for the governor and everyone else, even though both sides usually target the enemy governor.

My best guess is that it deals a slightly randomized amount of damage to everyone each turn for a limited number of turns; if one side's leader runs out of troops (or the side gets too low on troops), that side loses/retreats. Otherwise, it continues another day. After 30 days without a result, the defender wins.
My NES, SNES, and GB all work just fine. Why should I downgrade to a Wii U, PS4, or XBone?

User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#10
Option "don't see the war" itself is not that bad.
There are several difficult terrain maps.
For example is province 17, province 29, etc; which is very prone for fireball attacks by the defenders (sometimes those fire-spread can be very hurtful to your troops, while sometimes the rain is very rare, especially when you have much stronger forces).
So if you feels lazy for the battle, you can order your governor to attack; just supply him with ten or twelve generals with war 80+, and make joint attack with another ruler.

This strategy works perfectly in Genghis Khan 2 when attacking Kamakura Shogunate.
(You may learn at Genghis Khan 2 when the hex war is off, or don't see the battle; see how those troops numbers depleted in the war).
In Genghis Khan 2; Japan area has mount Fuji; which your first unit approach will absolutely ambushed, and in danger of being wiped out.

Another example is maybe RoTK 4 about barbarians attack (don't see the war).

Lu Bu: "If you turn off the hex-war option; you can't provide me with decent cash."
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