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User Info: ServantOfMagnus

5 years ago#1
So, if you've been playing this game on and off for years, you're probably sick of how similar most of the generic officers look to one another. Do you ever behead, say, Zhu Ran, because he.....just doesn't look cool enough? On the other hand, do you keep, say, Yuan Yin, around longer than you should, just because.....he does look so cool? Wouldn't having more control over portraits breathe more new life into this game?

Well, you can. Let's start with unique portraits. There are 208 unique portraits used for officers within the game. But there are also 16 marriage-daughter portraits, and 12 new ruler / follower portraits. A couple of the female new ruler portraits are pretty similar, but you still have well over 230 unique portraits to use in a game with a 352-officer max.

Not only that, but each of those unique portraits is available in four different color palettes. Unfortunately, you can only choose one palette per portrait per mod (i.e. you can't use the same portrait twice but in two different colors), but many of the portraits take on a whole new life in a different palette.

But unless you use a unique portrait for more than officer (which defeats the purpose of 'unique portrait'), you'll still need well over 110 generic officer portraits. Are you doomed to dozens of minor variations on Jiang Yiqu or Zhu Zhi?

Not really. There are, ahem, 32,678 possible generic portraits. Yes, that's right, 32,678 non-identical portraits. A lot of the variations are admittedly minor, but the fact is that the original programmers put a lot of stuff into the game that they never used. So, let's dig into the code and make this game look even better!

Unique officer portraits run from 01 00 to D0 00. You can find who's who in other posts. Marriage daughters run from D1 00 to E0 00. D2 is my favorite and is Diao Chan is the mod I'm working on. : - ) Finally, new rulers are E1 00 to EC 00, 1 - 6 being males and 7 - C being females.

You have four palette options for each portrait. The choices are 00, 01, 02, or 03. The code is located at 1DE80 - 1DF6B. Each unique portrait is assigned one of the four color codes here, and they appear in portrait number order. The same color palettes are available for generic portraits, too, but it's coded differently.

There are some general observations to make about the palettes, and they especially hold true when working with generic portraits, but with the uniques you often have to try the portrait in each of the four palettes to see.

00 favors some blues, greens and paler tones, but the backgrounds on generics are usually pink, which sometimes doesn't go well with the other colors. Sometimes it can be visualized as a dawn or dusk background, however. A couple uniques that are especially good in 00 are 37 (Xingdao Rong) and A4 (Wang Shuang); the latter looks like he's on a snowy battlefield.

01 has purples, deep blue and pewter, and skin tones are bolder and more yellow than the other palettes. These often look like pictures taken at night by torchlight, and can be very cool. Among uniques, I recommend 14 (Xiahou Wei), 48 (Shamo Ke), and 7A (Zhang Liao).

02 has a sky blue, pink, orange, and green. These are usually either really, really good or completely ridiculous. For some examples of the former, try the following: 20 (Xiahou He), 23 (Han Sui), 39 (Yan Yan), 6D (Yuan Xi), CC (Xie Jing), CD (Chen Tai), and the aforementioned D2. Zhuge Liang (09) really should be in this, too, as it puts him in a proper Shu green.

03 tends to have a lot of gold. It can be really good for making Yellow Turbans. See 9A (Yang Feng), BD (Ma Dai), and C7 (Liu Feng). But the three best palette 03 uniques are probably 1E (Guan Yu terrorizes the night!), 51 (a regal Sima Zhao), and 89 (a wicked good Ma Xu).

Last point on unique portraits in the next post, and then, generics!

User Info: ServantOfMagnus

5 years ago#2
Remember that the first nine portraits (01 - 09) have early deaths coded at 22D25 - 22D35, so you need to change that code if you don't want who you give those portraits to to die early.

Now, generics!

Admittedly, most of the generics will never look as good as most of the uniques, but you can do a lot better than the original programmers. Where to start?

Both generics and uniques have a two byte portrait code. But the second byte of uniques is always 00. For the generics, both bytes code information regarding the portrait.

When you create a generic portrait, you have seven choices to make. The first choice has eight options, and the other six have four each. So you have 8 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 possibilities, which is 32,768. (If you're paying close attention, yes, I mistakenly transposed two digits in the first post and wrote 32,678. So there are even more than I said earlier.)

Your first choice is what model you want to use. This is in the second digit of the first byte. What makes doing generics tricky is that the same element is frequently coded over more than one part of the byte, so instead of having all four options in the same place, you seem to have two in on place and two in another. But the options are there.

The models, by the second digit in the first byte: (apologies for the poor descriptions : - )

0 & 8 advisor-type. Examples: Huo Jun, Lu Fan

1 & 9 smaller civil officer-type. Examples: Fei Shi, Yin Mo, Shang Quang

2 & A robe-wearing type. Examples: Wang Xiu, Jiao Chu

3 & B courier-type (don't ask me why I think this : - ). Examples: Jia Hua, Wang Zhong, Yang Hong

4 & C soldier type. Examples: Liao Hua, Zhu Zhi

5 & D beefy soldier type. Easily my least favorite; I'm only making 1 of these generics for the mod I'm working on. Examples: Wu Anquo, Li Dian

6 & E young guy. Examples: Quan Zong, Bao Long

7 & F old guy. Examples: Chunyu Qiong, Han Hao

From here on, I'm not going to run through all of the options for all of the models, because some things are hard to describe and some of my notes are better than others, but rather give a framework for understanding how to discover your options in the code.

For each model you have four options for headgear / hair. This is coded across the first byte. For example, on model 7 / F:

odd 7 (meaning 17, 37, 57, 77, 97, B7, D7, F7) thin hat (like Chunyu Qiong)

even 7 (07, 27, 47, 67, 87, A7, C7, E7) hair. This one was never used in the original game.

odd F (1F, 3F, 5F, 7F, 97, B7, D7, F7) bandana. Also never used in the original game.

even F (0F, 2F, 4F, 6F, 8F, AF, CF, EF) blocky hat (like Han Hao)

For each of the models it works the same way - odd / even before each of the two numbers for the model (e.g. odd 0, even 0, odd 8, even 8, for the advisor type). Of course, what the four specific options are varies by model. Others that the original game never used are:

even 0 (a small hat), odd 2 (a small turban), odd A (a really big turban), odd C (headgear with a band), odd 6 (hair), and even 6 (a turban)

Some were only used once: odd 9 (Shang Quang's 'foreigner'-type hat), even 9 (Yin Mo), and odd E (Bao Long's hat)

You can also choose from four types of clothes. However, this is combined with the edges of the face, so beard and sideburns are usually determined along with this. This is on the first digit of the first byte. Again, using model 7 / F as the example:

0 & 1 (meaning 07, 17, 0F, and 1F; it's independent of your headgear choice) no sideburns or beard, clothing looks more like a martial-arts jumpsuit

2 & 3 (27, 37, 2F, 3F) beard & fancier robe

4 & 5 (47, 57, 4F, 5F) collar, thin sideburns and thin long beard

6 & 7 (67, 77, 6F, 7F) no beard, thicker sideburns, longer hair in the back, clothing more like a jacket

There's more in the next post.....

User Info: ServantOfMagnus

5 years ago#3
Let's go back to the color palettes. On the generics, the color palette is on the first digit of the second byte. This is the only digit of the four that has a restricted range; it can only be from 8 to F. The other three digits of a generic portrait code can be anything.

This is how the color palette is coded on that digit:

8 & 9 palette 00

A & B palette 01

C & D palette 02

E & F palette 03

So, for example, E499, E4B9, E4D9, and E4F9, are all the same portrait but each in a different color palette. However, switching from 8 to 9 or E to F will change something else, as you've probably figured out from how the other steps work.

Let's recap so far. There are 32,768 possibilities. Split across 8 models, that is 4,096 possibilities per model. With 4 headgear options per model, you get 1,024 possibilites per model/headgear combination. 4 beard / clothes options brings us down to 256 possibilities per combo. And 4 color options reduces it to 64 per combo. What's left?

The other three choices are eyes, mouth, and nose. Mustache options are included in the mouth choice, while eyebrows go with the eyes. And the nose is....well, a nose. By this time, I'm usually tired of making notes and just experiment. If you're keeping track, which is not easy to do on this, we haven't touched the last digit of the second byte yet; that's 16 options. We also haven't distinguished between 8ACE and 9BDF on the first digit of the second byte, so that's 2 more options. And we haven't distinguished between 0-7 and 8-F on the first digit of the first byte, so that's 2 more. (Looking back, I messed up when writing about the beard / clothes option; I should have written 0189 is one option, 23AB is another, 45CD is another, and 67EF is the other. I forgot the numbers after 7.)

16 x 2 x 2 = 64, so those places in the previous paragraph are where the options for the other three choices (eyes, mouth, and nose) are coded. Again, four options for each, and 4 x 4 x 4 is 64.

The main difficulty with this is that on most choices, your four options are coded on more than one digit, so it's hard to systematically keep track of what's going on. Just remember that you have 8 models and 4 options for each of six choices: headgear, beard/clothes, color palette, eyes, mouth, and nose.

So, how about looking at some cool generics? Try these:


Anyway, the point is that you definitely can do better than the original programmers in selecting the generic portraits that you want to use for officers in the game. And it's a lot of fun, too!

User Info: DragonAtma

5 years ago#4
Hmm.... I do wish we had a programmer available. Since we have two bytes for portraits, that means we could have 65,536 unique portraits.

So if we DO get a programmer, my suggestion is this:

(1) Increase the game's size to allow more space.
(2) Have the game assume ALL portraits are unique, not just the xx00 portraits.
(3) Have the second byte be the offset -- it'd start looking at hex value (10000 * secondbyte) + 90200.

Then people can just add new pictures later on.


While we're at it, province coloring needs some sanity. Force colors 00-0F are from D31C0 to D33BF, yet they're not followed by force colors 10-13 (plague, uprising, flood, and locusts in some order).

Coincidentally, if you grabbed force colors 00-FF from there, although 10-B9 are used by war graphics, BA-FF are graphics that (to my knowledge) never appear in the game. They're there, but don't get used! So if province coloring was just made sane, they could be used to give every force in the game their own coloring (instead of, say, having Wang Lang's blue being reused for Yang Feng, Zhao Fan, and some rebellion forces).
My NES, SNES, and GB all work just fine. Why should I downgrade to a Wii U, PS4, or XBone?

User Info: ErikoChristy

5 years ago#5
In my custom game which I been editing for like the last 2 months, I made a change to most of the palette swap face generals. Although I no longer play on an emulator for ROTK II, but during my level 3 game I always recruit a generic officer who had a 70+ status (none of them went over 79) in either intel/war/charm. I use the generic officers like Zhu Ran who had 70+ war to hide in a state and verify about 6 months before going to war against a state of 1000+ soldiers.

User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#6
Some lazy people like me, just combine the portrait files from rotk2, bkoac, l'empereur, uncharted waters 1, genghis khan 1, nobunaga 2, liberty or death, gemfire, and many others.
Then hexedited so many generals.
Then I have the duel between Lu Bu versus Murat; or Zhao Yun versus Pender Blanche; another interesting is using Zhao Yun and Sanada Yukimura to attack Cao Cao province.
It's more fun when Leon Franco and Rocco Alemkel fight against great pirate with silk masts Gan Ning.
Richard Montgomery and George Washington led their army to Hulao gate too.

User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#7
Rotk2 is the most interesting game for me, coz I can make press conference for 100 generals in province 10 :D
And that's the reason Liu Biao is so powerful

Bkoac is limited with number of castles, max is 35 generals in province 23.
Nobunaga2 limited to 20 generals per province.
Gemfire only one governor and one fifth unit.
Napoleon limited to 20 generals per province.
Uncharted waters 1 only has 10 sailors.

It's fun to stockpile people to 100 generals in province 10.

I hexedited PC version only; and I combined all portrait files into single file; maybe about 4 Mb.

Who dares to fight the mighty Lu Bu?!
Honda Tadakatsu will gladly fight you!
Hey, is this musou orochi??
No, this is rotk2 fatally-hexedited version

User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#8
Did you know that:
1. Nobunaga 2,
2. Uncharted waters 1,
3. Liberty or death,
4. Genghis Khan 1,
has generic faces?

Many years ago I try to combine those files with rotk2 files into single file; hoping to put general Conrad and general Miguel (from uncharted waters1) into rotk2, so they will fight another pirate Gan Ning and many others.
But sadly, I failed.

Anyone please help me to hexedit PC version?

I choose PC version, coz PC version is compatible with program DOSbox; and hexeditor for PC files are easily found in internet.

User Info: ErikoChristy

5 years ago#9
I used D2 00 for Lu Lingqi in my custom ROTK 2 game since that portrait kept coming up when I did a 2 player marriage to Lu Bu. I prefer DF 00 for Diao Chan because of the way she look in ROTK III http://img.gamefaqs.net/screens/1/e/5/gfs_45971_2_14.jpg game. 21+ age Zhu Chu suppose to be Zhu Rong http://www.gamelegacies.com/romanceIII.html/main.h38.gif which is why I used E8 00 for her in the last 2 scenarios. I'm still 2nd guessing Sun Shang Xiang but I have E0 00 for her at the moment. That's the beauty of custom officers!

User Info: Cao_Bao

5 years ago#10
I think some of rotk2 advisors has warrior face and vice versa.
I see Zhang Hong PC version wear battle helm. Yuan Pu has general face.
Also Cheng Pu, Deng Zhi, Huang Quan, Sun Liang (last man standing),
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