Hex-editing: Sun Jian's lifespan

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User Info: ServantOfMagnus

4 years ago#1
The code that causes nine of the officers to die early is located at 22D25 - 22D35. It reads:

BF 00 C7 00 C9 00 CE 00 D1 00 D3 00 D5 00 DA 00 E9

BF = 191 (Sun Jian)
C7 = 199 (Sun Ce)
C9 = 201 (Yuan Shao)
CE = 206 (Guo Jia)
D1 = 209 (Zhou Yu)
D3 = 211 (Xun Yu)
D5 = 213 (Xun You)
DA = 218 (Lu Meng)
E9 = 233 (Zhuge Liang)

Changing the byte will change when the officer is scheduled to be death-eligible. They are in chronological order in the original code, but they don't have to be (i.e. you can kill off Yuan Shao before Sun Jian if you want to).

What you can't do, as far as I know, is change which generals are in the group of nine. This function uses the PORTRAIT code, (just like the autojoin function), NOT the officer number. Sun Jian is portrait 01, Sun Ce is 02, Yuan Shao is 03, and so forth. You can assign those portraits to different officers, of course, but whoever has that portrait will be the one to get the death sentence.

So, when creating a mod, be aware that whomever you assign portraits 01 thru 09 to will have his death-eligible date coded at 22D25 - 22D35. But, you can't assign a death-eligible date to anyone else, (other than by changing his / her age).

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#2

(and now I feel like an idiot for not noticing that the first nine portraits are the nine whom die young, even though I must have looked at them at least a dozen times...)
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User Info: ErikoChristy

4 years ago#3
Commence scenario 1 Sun Jian game ^_^ good discovery ServantOfMagnus. I also have a few findings in mind that I've been trying to figure out on another thread if you would like to help.

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#4
If you have a heart like kawaiifan's, then you will change those nine portraits values into "DC", so everyone will live longer.

If you wish to have chaotic era; then change every yeardeath/lifespan (all of the nine yeardeath) into 190 (or 191) then give the portraits of nine strongest rulers of scenario 1 (Cao, Bei, Sun, Yuan, Yuan, Biao, Liu Yan, Dong, Tao)
Then their officers loyalty would be trashcan.
You will see their second generation come into power (Cao Ang, Guan Yu, Sun Ce, Yuan Shang, Yuan Yin, Cai Mao, Liu Zhang, Dong Min, Sun Gan),
and lots of messengers passing by.
(Use the great Kong Rong and boast your charm).

If you wish to make your friend totally confused, change every yeardeath/lifespan into 189, then give the portraits with C0, C1, C2, C3, C6, C7, C8, C9.
These will cause your friend's new ruler into horror mode which almost all new rulers generals and boss being hit by stars in the starting of the scenario.
(And the new rulers lovers would be angry with this).

If you are new ruler fans; then change yeardeath/lifespan of Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Quan, Meng Huo into 215.
Start scenario 5 with new ruler and wait for the next year.

All of them are dead, and now starring in zombie vs plant

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#5
Sun Qian, not Sun Gan. ;)

Also it's possible for those rulers would recruit new people or lose people; there's only a year of opportunity, but that's enough!
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User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#6
Many years ago, I hexedited all the faces of yeardeath into zero; so nobody will get hurt by those stars.
And Sun Jian suddenly become so promising player.
I played Sun Jian and watches Lu Xun and Lu Su joined Sun Quan in 200.
Sun forces become very strong.
Many vacant/empty provinces are easy for taking; and suddenly Sun Jian has build Wu Kingdom (province 21-28, 37-40) within few years,
with all autojoin followers: Lu Meng (SunCe), Zhou Yu (SunCe), Sun Quan (SunCe), Sun Yi (SunCe), Sun Yu (SunCe), Sun Huan (SunQuan), Lu Su (SunQuan), Lu Xun (SunQuan).

Face the Tiger of Jiang Dong !

User Info: DragonAtma

4 years ago#7
Even with Sun Jian AND Sun Ce's early deaths, Wu tends to be a major player. Cao Cao usually is as well; Liu Zhang builds a nice little home in the southwest, but only because nobody else is nearby! XD
My NES, SNES, and GB all work just fine. Why should I downgrade to a Wii U, PS4, or XBone?

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#8
Wu become major power because of the charm of their leaders and governors, and the free/future officers appears in their provinces.
And Wu officers has unique compatibility, with only very few contenders; so if Sun Jian Sun Ce dies, the officers are not so easily hijacked by other players.

Cao Cao starts with more officers, and the free/future officers are crowded in many Cao's province. And there also so many autojoins.
Cao Cao officers has common compatibility; which is very near to Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shao, and many other major powers, whose charms are stupids.

Liu Bei starts with lesser officers than Cao's; but Liu Bei has special charm, so his generals mostly has stable loyalty after third year tenure.

Liu Zhang area is far from conflict, enough said.

Yuan Shao become major powers only because he starts with more officers.
His duty and virtue are so stupid, and his officers are easily hijacked by other rulers.

Liu Biao, his duty and virtue is high; and he starts with more officers.
He has low ambition, so he wish to pile hundreds of generals within home province with full soldiers each.

Mostly major powers starts with more officers.

Lu Bu has more officers, but his trust are trash, and his duty virtue are absolutely idiot, and his charm is total crap. So everyone will try to steal his officers.
There's no way to survive in AI mode; but can become a very dangerous charge-mania if played by human players.

User Info: ErikoChristy

4 years ago#9
Red has instantly become my favorite kingdom to play as in the first scenario now. Like an earlier comment pointed out, they have the best auto join officers.

User Info: Cao_Bao

4 years ago#10
For all Wu fans who do not know about hex edtiting or do not care about hex editing, you can unify the map using Sun Jian difficulty 3 by manipulating the-extended-war.
Using Sun Jian himself to invade in December, and have the battle continue to Januari; Sun Jian will not hit by the star and survives.

(Historical battle near Luo Yang, with fictional quote)
"Who dares to fight the mighty Lu Bu ?!"
"Face the Tiger of Jiang Dong!"
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