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rayquazza_star 1 year ago#1
I heard you can make unique units retain their color palettes this way:

At $18556 in a headerless rom change the following 2 bytes
BD 5A -> 80 06

How does this work? I want to use it but I can't google any info about it. I love unique palettes so any info would be helpful.
Feathermind 1 year ago#2
18556 is the location of the data that needs to be modified, BD 5A is the original byte data there (displayed in hexadecimal) and 80 06 is what you need to change it to. You'll need a hex editing tool to apply that modification, and likely a header stripping program as well (otherwise the address will be different due to the additional header data present). Tools like that (and related information) tend to be more openly discussed in the romhacking community as there's a general ban on emulation discussion here.
rayquazza_star 1 year ago#3
I tried it and got it to work, which was incredibly surprising. But I was just curious how people figured such a thing out. From my research, it seems that a patch was made for the Japanese version.
railroads 1 year ago#4
I wish I could credit the original source where I got that from but I wrote it down years ago while working on some of my own modding. Who ever figured it out has done a great service to us all since not keeping the unique palettes is such an annoying game decision. I remember playing through the game keeping all uniques as their original class just so I could keep the cool colours!

I am believe this edit amounts to changing a single Load command to a Branch command (If I remember my SNES assembly well enough) so it's skipping an instruction that must set a character's palette back to normal (likely somewhere in the promoting logic) but it's not easy since someone had to work through the assembly code. Finding stuff like where stats is stored is typically much easier.
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