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radblast 11 years ago#1
I have a series of questions about the game, along with a few things I have confirmed.

First, I notice that Strength cards and Hanged Man cards do not stack in battle (meaning that using any more than 1 of each in a battle just wastes them), while Star cards can be stacked. I have confirmed these effects through tests. Why is there such a bizarre setup like this? Why can’t the first 2 types stack? These are the only instances where cards are truly wasted (without any obvious sight of it). Also, exactly how do they work? I notice that they affect all types of attacks. Is this done by modifying certain stats? Is something special done with each attack to modify its output at each end of it? How?

Wondering more about Tarot cards, you may remember that the hero’s ALI and time of day also affect the strength of their expression. What all does this apply to? In other words, if you have a high ALI and it’s high noon, would using Sun have an even more pronounced effect than when using it at night? Would cards like Strength and Hanged man and Star affect the stat changes more severely? I think from testing, Lover’s effectiveness is linked to this, but I can’t tell with most of the others. Which ones rely on this stuff?

I also wonder about a few items and their effects on the ending. Does the Book of Good given to Tristan by Banya serve any purpose, or can it be sold off for easy cash? Also, now that I have all 12 Zodiac Stones, can I sell off the Tablet of Yaru, or is that also required in the ending?

The next question I have is about equippables. Swords and spears are pretty obvious, and I assume armors’ stats are all the resistances increased by wearing them. I am unsure about gloves. For example, the Thunder Glove shows PHYS+3, ELEC+4. Does that mean only the resistances are increased, or does that also give ELEC elemental attack for melee wearers? And for charms, they seem to give the elemental shown, but does that also mean the resistances shown are increased? For example, does this mean that a Salamander is just screaming to have a Byak’s Fang or Snow Orb equipped? Also, do charms in any way increase the offensive power of an elemental attack, or just give the elemental type attack that’s shown? And does this mean that Demons would benefit from wearing Rings of Protection, rather than Ninja Garbs, for example?

In addition, when equipping stuff that changes stats, since an item like a Kukai Rod increases INT (IIRC), does it mean that equipping it to someone would lessen the damage they take from magic attacks? And since weapons typically increase STR, would this mean that possessing a weapon lessens damage taken from STR-based attacks? Also, would ranged users still benefit from weapons stat bonuses (in other words, could a Ravenman in the back row still get the Ogre Sword’s bonus of 20 in combat)? Or do weapon bonuses only apply to melee users (meaning that all others should use charms/helms)? Do unit members also benefit from the leader’s stat gains from equippables?

Regarding werewolves and Weretigers, if a fighter is bit by a Weretiger, he can turn into a Weretiger (rather than a Werewolf), right? I just want to make sure they turn into their respective types. And while I’m at it, did you notice that Vampyres and Weretigers have forest movement, while Werewolves have mountain movement? Since when did werewolves consider mountains as their natural habitat in any lore versus forests? Would this be another mistake by the programmers, or is there some reason they like mountains in this game?
radblast 11 years ago#2
What are the elemental properties of Stun, Charm (both types), and Pumpkin? I know these elements are pretty much ignored, but I was wondering if there is a default elemental type assigned with the attacks that just gets overlooked, or if their design is completely special in the way that they work, that there is no associated element. I know the Pumpkin attacks appear as physical, but I don’t know if they have an original physical assignment or not.

I have failed to produce the effect I was hoping for during this run that I had previously wondered about. As you know, in the Sky Islands, if a ground unit loses a battle and is knocked off the edge, it is wiped out, and the dead characters immediately return to stock. You may notice that sometimes after beating a stage boss, your winning unit is still knocked back before all units disappear, and the liberation commences. I tried this with the hero’s unit at the Sky Islands to see if this knockback could still kill the unit after beating the boss, but during this run, all units simply disappeared, so I didn’t get to find out this time. Does anybody else want to test this? An emulator with save states is required to do so.

Also on this note, as you know, you can farm items from enemy units by knocking them off the edge. What I wonder is if your hero’s unit and an enemy unit both die from falling out of the sky, but the enemy’s unit would produce some goodie upon its defeat, would you still acquire that item just before dying? And since you can normally get items from neutrals you recruit, I wonder if you can still receive items if you recruit a character when 100 people are already in your army. I notice that since the process is different due to the warning, I’m curious if the item-detection-thingy ends up getting bypassed by this means. If you can, what about if you recruit, but refuse the recruited character?

While I’m thinking of recruiting neutrals, I notice that sometimes, even a 100 CHA leader fails to recruit some evil class that should have low CHA. I think I have even seen an example of it working and not working on the same class. I didn’t pay total attention to be certain this was happening like this, but I’m pretty sure it did. Is there a simple means of determining if recruitment is successful, or is there also some random variable that can cause this?

I am also curious on how the backlash is determined for Iainuki. I notice that tactics settings DO NOT modify the amount of backlash damage, the only time it doesn’t. And do resistances/equipment affect the amount of backlash in any way, or is it solely dependent on delivered damage? (So can equipping shields/armor lessen backlash damage?)

While thinking of Iainuki, how does it compare with Debonair’s Blade attack? I have Debonair in the back row with a Princess, so he does it twice without any returned damage. I was wondering how hit rates/damage values compare, say, if he and an Iainuki attacker with the same stats perform attacking the same target. While I’m mentioning this, I will say that even a Princess with 90 LUK and 999 HP does not handle the Gareses at Zetiginea, who target Leaders, much better (like 75 damage per attack) than a typical Princess does.

Thinking again of tactics, you know that your tactics modify damages received by all victims. Do the enemy’s tactics do so, too? They don’t change, so there’s no way to test this in game.
radblast 11 years ago#3
Next question is about the Temple Shalina. Since it is the only stage that you can’t revisit, I’m wondering if anything’s stored in the conversations for after liberation, or if they’re all blanks, similar to the Kalbian Peninsula incident. Or is there some special way that that stage is stored? Same goes for Dragon’s Haven.

Finally, I noticed that killing certain bosses seems to come with a free Rep boost. Some may even be pronounced with others, though with the way the Rep meter behaves, it is hard to be sure. But in some stages, you could even beat the stage with an evil unit and still come out with higher Rep. Basically, the more hated a boss is, the better Rep boost it seems. Can anyone confirm the existence of these free Rep boosts for killing bosses? Does anyone know the amounts?

I think I still have some more questions, but this is all I’ve got for now. Maybe I’ll think of them later. Thanks for all help.
John_Dane 11 years ago#4
You, sir, are hardcore.

finshore 11 years ago#5
"I think I still have some more questions, but this is all I’ve got for now. "

Don't hold back man. You do realize if you ever get all the answers here that we will require you to create a faq. I will try to chunk one of these off at a time as they will require some savestate hacking and possibly debugging and it is difficult for me to focus on multiple tasks like that.

For clarification on the Tarot cards, you state that they affect all types of attacks. Does this mean that Strength cards have an effect against intelligent based magic attacks?

Regarding dependencies I was only aware of them being dependent upon the leader's stats so I will look deeper into that and see if there are any other dependencies.
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radblast 11 years ago#6
"For clarification on the Tarot cards, you state that they affect all types of attacks. Does this mean that Strength cards have an effect against intelligent based magic attacks?"

Yes. I have noticed that when you use Strength and your defences raise, you even suffer less from magic damage. Likewise, Hanged Man cards cause enemies to suffer more damage, even from magic.
radblast 11 years ago#7
Though now that I think of this, I should remind everyone that Star only raises AGI, so although it would help you go sooner in battle, you would get no evasion bonus against magical attackers, so it might not be useful in all battles, but it will still serve will in most of them (especially against bosses).
Deathlike2 11 years ago#8
This will be difficult to dissect in one large post.. but I'll try anyways.

The tarot stacking is probably because of simplicity, but it may be difficult to run smoothly to calculate it for that many targets (the act of multiplying/dividing) w/o adding delays or something along those lines. It's much easier to just add stuff.

ALI does increase damage/success of tarot cards... it has nothing to do with affecting stats.

Lots of items are just goth builders....

Mainly Weapons+Charms are weapon elemental changers.

When an armor or charm says it increases the resistance, it does just that. It doesn't increase a character's offensive capabilities unless it increases their main attack stat (STR or INT).

STR+INT bonuses do affect your offense notably... I'm unsure if they affect your defense (that should be a little harder to test). Since resistance is based off your primary stat * your resistance stat (that's the basic idea anyways) it would be harder to notice. So if you have a Physical stat of 50 and equip the Ogre Sword (+20), physical STR damage done to you should be reduced by 10. Think of it in terms of Kiss (+8 damage dealt it notice, but +8 * resistance factor is hard to notice when taking damage)

I couldn't tell you why the movement is set for those units that depend on the moon. I did test Fighters being infected by a Tigerman... it does work (maybe if I get around to taking a pic of Lans as a Tigerman would work).
Deathlike2 11 years ago#9
I'm pretty sure I've covered the elemental properties of Stun, Charm, and Pumpkin thoroughly in my guide. As far as I can tell, it's primarily cosmetic and it has no relevant impact on a unit's resistance.

I forget if recruitment is affected by time of day.... but it's worth looking at the chance to recruit algo. It's the same used for the Charm item.

Iainuki's backlash damage is calculated off of raw damage to be dealt, not actual damage that is dealt. So, it is possible to take in more damage than you deal (outside of the enemy having little HP). Increasing the Samurai's STR does increase Iainuki damage and backlash...

Debonair's Sonic Blade attack is a weaker version of Iainuki (please read my guide for the actual #s).

Enemy tactics can be determined by who they target (it's easier if they have targeted attacks) or what they target with (Mage hit-alls). I think it uses your tactics setting to determine damage though.
radblast 11 years ago#10
Thanks for these replies so far. So, what I get about the Iainuki raw damage thingy...this means that equipping your Sams with armor will NOT reduce the backlash damage any (as it relies solely on raw damage dealt), if I understand this correctly. So, instead, you might as well just give them weapons, so at least they can deliver some more damage, right?

While discussing the Samurai, I did notice from the last time I read your guide, that Sam Masters had no real nebefit over the original Sam, in the back row. So, for this run, I intentionally left my Sams at their lower class, so that they don't needlessly develop a glaring weakness to black magic. Was this the right move, or would you still recommend upgrading to a Master once given the chance?
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