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StarryKnights 13 years ago#1
In an unofficial continuation of the most important topic to grow out of Ogre Battle's womb of chaos in the last several years, I decided to put some of the information given in that topic in a palatable form that makes it relatively easy to change this game using a hex editor. Below are 7 parameters of every playable class with their exact addresses given. There's still a >ton< of things I could lay out (Resistances, initial stats, etc), but I'm personally not interested in them so I won't touch 'em unless some of you folks want me to do it (Then I might roll everything into a FAQ and post it, if the original data divers give me permission...).

HP, STR. AGL, and INT refer to what you get per level up. Fixing the Golems? Hmm...

NoA = Number of attacks per battle. First half of the byte refers to the front row, second refers to the second row. This is updated in the character's status screen, as well.

FRA = Front Row Attacks. This allows you to switch out your attacks with others (The bytes of which you can get from post 11 in the original OB Technical Data Diving topic). Names of attacks in the status screen are NOT changed.

BRA: Back Row Attacks. Same thing, except in the back row.

Occasionally you see a ; after an F. This is due to AGL being on the line below it, and GameFAQs puts two and two together...

Finally, I have >NOT< extensively tested these (Be hard to, considering how many addresses are involved), but I'm fairly confident ~99% are correct. If you find something that fails horribly, please tell me and I'll fix 'em. The ones most likely to be wrong are the Generals and the Dragoon, as their data is separated from the rest and hard to find.

HP: 0001F28B
STR: 0001F36DF ;
AGL: 0001F44F
INT: 0001F531
NoA: 0001F70D
FRA: 0001F772
BRA: 0001F7D7

HP: 0001F28C
STR: 0001F36E
AGL: 0001F450
INT: 0001F532
NoA: 0001F70E
FRA: 0001F773
BRA: 0001F7D8

HP: 0001F28D
STR: 0001F36F ;
AGL: 0001F451
INT: 0001F533
NoA: 0001F70F
FRA: 0001F774
BRA: 0001F7D9

Wild Man
HP: 0001F28E
STR: 0001F370
AGL: 0001F452
INT: 0001F534
NoA: 0001F710
FRA: 0001F775
BRA: 0001F7DA

Evil One
HP: 0001F28F
STR: 0001F371
AGL: 0001F453
INT: 0001F535
NoA: 0001F711
FRA: 0001F776
BRA: 0001F7DB

HP: 0001F290
STR: 0001F372
AGL: 0001F454
INT: 0001F536
NoA: 0001F712
FRA: 0001F777
BRA: 0001F7DC

Samurai Master
HP: 0001F291
STR: 0001F373
AGL: 0001F455
INT: 0001F537
NoA: 0001F713
FRA: 0001F778
BRA: 0001F7DD

HP: 0001F292
STR: 0001F374
AGL: 0001F456
INT: 0001F538
NoA: 0001F714
FRA: 0001F779
BRA: 0001F7DE

Ninja Master
HP: 0001F293
STR: 0001F375
AGL: 0001F457
INT: 0001F539
NoA: 0001F715
FRA: 0001F77A
BRA: 0001F7DF

HP: 0001F294
STR: 0001F376
AGL: 0001F458
INT: 0001F53A
NoA: 0001F716
FRA: 0001F77B
BRA: 0001F7E0

HP: 0001F295
STR: 0001F377
AGL: 0001F459
INT: 0001F53B
NoA: 0001F717
FRA: 0001F77C
BRA: 0001F7E1

HP: 0001F296
STR: 0001F378
AGL: 0001F45A
INT: 0001F53C
NoA: 0001F718
FRA: 0001F77D
BRA: 0001F7E2
StarryKnights 13 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
StarryKnights 13 years ago#3
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
StarryKnights 13 years ago#4
HP: 0001F297
STR: 0001F379
AGL: 0001F45B
INT: 0001F53D
NoA: 0001F719
FRA: 0001F77E
BRA: 0001F7E3

Beast Master
HP: 0001F298
STR: 0001F37A
AGL: 0001F45C
INT: 0001F53E
NoA: 0001F71A
FRA: 0001F77F
BRA: 0001F7E4

HP: 0001F299
STR: 0001F37B
AGL: 0001F45D
INT: 0001F53F
NoA: 0001F71B
FRA: 0001F780
BRA: 0001F7E5

Dragon Master
HP: 0001F29A
STR: 0001F37C
AGL: 0001F45E
INT: 0001F540
NoA: 0001F71C
FRA: 0001F781
BRA: 0001F7E6

STR: 0001F37D
AGL: 0001F45F
INT: 0001F541
NoA: 0001F71D
FRA: 0001F782
BRA: 0001F7E7

Doll Master
HP: 0001F29C
STR: 0001F37E
AGL: 0001F460
INT: 0001F542
NoA: 0001F71E
FRA: 0001F783
BRA: 0001F7E8

HP: 0001F29D
STR: 0001F37F ;
AGL: 0001F461
INT: 0001F543
NoA: 0001F71F
FRA: 0001F784
BRA: 0001F7E9

HP: 0001F29E
STR: 0001F380
AGL: 0001F462
INT: 0001F544
NoA: 0001F720
FRA: 0001F785
BRA: 0001F7EA

HP: 0001F29F
STR: 0001F381
AGL: 0001F463
INT: 0001F545
NoA: 0001F721
FRA: 0001F786
BRA: 0001F7EB

HP: 0001F2A0
STR: 0001F382
AGL: 0001F464
INT: 0001F546
NoA: 0001F722
FRA: 0001F787
BRA: 0001F7EC

HP: 0001F2A1
STR: 0001F383
AGL: 0001F465
INT: 0001F547
NoA: 0001F723
FRA: 0001F788
BRA: 0001F7ED

HP: 0001F2A2
STR: 0001F384
AGL: 0001F466
INT: 0001F548
NoA: 0001F724
FRA: 0001F789
BRA: 0001F7EE

HP: 0001F2A3
STR: 0001F385
AGL: 0001F467
INT: 0001F549
NoA: 0001F725
FRA: 0001F78A
BRA: 0001F7EF

HP: 0001F2A4
STR: 0001F386
AGL: 0001F468
INT: 0001F54A
NoA: 0001F726
FRA: 0001F78B
BRA: 0001F7F0

HP: 0001F2A5
STR: 0001F387
AGL: 0001F469
INT: 0001F54B
NoA: 0001F727
FRA: 0001F78C
BRA: 0001F7F1

HP: 0001F2A6
STR: 0001F388
AGL: 0001F46A
INT: 0001F54C
NoA: 0001F728
FRA: 0001F78D
BRA: 0001F7F2

HP: 0001F2A7
STR: 0001F389
AGL: 0001F46B
INT: 0001F54D
NoA: 0001F729
FRA: 0001F78E
BRA: 0001F7F3

HP: 0001F2A8
STR: 0001F38A
AGL: 0001F46C
INT: 0001F54E
NoA: 0001F72A
FRA: 0001F78F
BRA: 0001F7F4

HP: 0001F2A9
STR: 0001F38B
AGL: 0001F46D
INT: 0001F54F
NoA: 0001F72B
FRA: 0001F790
BRA: 0001F7F5

HP: 0001F2AA
STR: 0001F38C
AGL: 0001F46E
INT: 0001F550
NoA: 0001F72C
FRA: 0001F791
BRA: 0001F7F6

HP: 0001F2AB
STR: 0001F38D
AGL: 0001F46F
INT: 0001F551
NoA: 0001F72D
FRA: 0001F792
BRA: 0001F7F7

HP: 0001F2AC
STR: 0001F38E
AGL: 0001F470
INT: 0001F552
NoA: 0001F72E
FRA: 0001F793
BRA: 0001F7F8

HP: 0001F2AD
STR: 0001F38F ;
AGL: 0001F471
INT: 0001F553
NoA: 0001F72F
FRA: 0001F794
BRA: 0001F7F9

HP: 0001F2AE
STR: 0001F390
AGL: 0001F472
INT: 0001F554
NoA: 0001F730
FRA: 0001F795
BRA: 0001F7FA ;

HP: 0001F2AF
STR: 0001F391
AGL: 0001F473
INT: 0001F555
NoA: 0001F731
FRA: 0001F796
BRA: 0001F7FB
StarryKnights 13 years ago#5
HP: 0001F2B0
STR: 0001F392
AGL: 0001F474
INT: 0001F556
NoA: 0001F732
FRA: 0001F797
BRA: 0001F7FC

HP: 0001F2B1
STR: 0001F393
AGL: 0001F475
INT: 0001F557
NoA: 0001F733
FRA: 0001F798
BRA: 0001F7FD

HP: 0001F2B2
STR: 0001F394
AGL: 0001F476
INT: 0001F558
NoA: 0001F734
FRA: 0001F799
BRA: 0001F7FE

HP: 0001F2B3
STR: 0001F395
AGL: 0001F477
INT: 0001F559
NoA: 0001F735
FRA: 0001F79A
BRA: 0001F7FF

HP: 0001F2B4
STR: 0001F396
AGL: 0001F478
INT: 0001F55A
NoA: 0001F736
FRA: 0001F79B
BRA: 0001F800

HP: 0001F2B5
STR: 0001F397
AGL: 0001F479
INT: 0001F55B
NoA: 0001F737
FRA: 0001F79C
BRA: 0001F801

HP: 0001F2B6
STR: 0001F398
AGL: 0001F47A
INT: 0001F55C
NoA: 0001F738
FRA: 0001F79D
BRA: 0001F802

HP: 0001F2B7
STR: 0001F399
AGL: 0001F47B
INT: 0001F55D
NoA: 0001F739
FRA: 0001F79E
BRA: 0001F803

HP: 0001F2B8
STR: 0001F39A
AGL: 0001F47C
INT: 0001F55E
NoA: 0001F73A
FRA: 0001F79F
BRA: 0001F804

HP: 0001F2B9
STR: 0001F39B
AGL: 0001F47D
INT: 0001F55F
NoA: 0001F73B
FRA: 0001F7A0
BRA: 0001F805

HP: 0001F2BA
STR: 0001F39C
AGL: 0001F47E
INT: 0001F560
NoA: 0001F73C
FRA: 0001F7A1
BRA: 0001F806

Red Dragon
HP: 0001F2BB
STR: 0001F39D
AGL: 0001F47F
INT: 0001F561
NoA: 0001F73D
FRA: 0001F7A2
BRA: 0001F807

Silver Dragon
HP: 0001F2BC
STR: 0001F39E
AGL: 0001F480
INT: 0001F562
NoA: 0001F73E
FRA: 0001F7A3
BRA: 0001F808

Black Dragon
HP: 0001F2BD
STR: 0001F39F ;
AGL: 0001F481
INT: 0001F563
NoA: 0001F73F
FRA: 0001F7A4
BRA: 0001F809

Red Dragon II
HP: 0001F2BE
STR: 0001F3A0
AGL: 0001F482
INT: 0001F564
NoA: 0001F740
FRA: 0001F7A5
BRA: 0001F80A

HP: 0001F2BF
STR: 0001F3A1
AGL: 0001F483
INT: 0001F565
NoA: 0001F741
FRA: 0001F7A6
BRA: 0001F80B

Gold Dragon
HP: 0001F2C0
STR: 0001F3A2
AGL: 0001F484
INT: 0001F566
NoA: 0001F742
FRA: 0001F7A7
BRA: 0001F80C

Platinum Dragon
HP: 0001F2C1
STR: 0001F3A3
AGL: 0001F485
INT: 0001F567
NoA: 0001F743
FRA: 0001F7A8
BRA: 0001F80D

HP: 0001F2C2
AGL: 0001F486
INT: 0001F568
NoA: 0001F744
FRA: 0001F7A9
BRA: 0001F80E

Zombie Dragon
HP: 0001F2C3
STR: 0001F3A5
AGL: 0001F487
INT: 0001F569
NoA: 0001F745
FRA: 0001F7AA
BRA: 0001F80F

HP: 0001F2C4
STR: 0001F3A6
AGL: 0001F488
INT: 0001F56A
NoA: 0001F746
FRA: 0001F7AB
BRA: 0001F810

HP: 0001F2C5
STR: 0001F3A7
AGL: 0001F489
INT: 0001F56B
NoA: 0001F747
FRA: 0001F7AC
BRA: 0001F811

HP: 0001F2C6
STR: 0001F3A8
AGL: 0001F48A
INT: 0001F56C
NoA: 0001F748
FRA: 0001F7AD
BRA: 0001F812

HP: 0001F2C7
STR: 0001F3A9
AGL: 0001F48B
INT: 0001F56D
NoA: 0001F749
FRA: 0001F7AE
BRA: 0001F813

Hawk Man
HP: 0001F2C8
STR: 0001F3AA
AGL: 0001F48C
INT: 0001F56E
NoA: 0001F74A
FRA: 0001F7AF
BRA: 0001F814

HP: 0001F2C9
STR: 0001F3AB
AGL: 0001F48D
INT: 0001F56F
NoA: 0001F74B
FRA: 0001F7B0
BRA: 0001F815

HP: 0001F2CA
STR: 0001F3AC
AGL: 0001F48E
INT: 0001F570
NoA: 0001F74C
FRA: 0001F7B1
BRA: 0001F816
_Kaz 13 years ago#6
I have yet to try them out, but what would these effect? Enemy classes, your recruited characters, all the characters of that class, some of the characters of that class, that guy named Pizza, etc.

Fighter: "Mr Pibb", "Dr Pepper".. I'm onto you..
Kaz Fact: Welcome to Version 2.0!
StarryKnights 13 years ago#7
HP: 0001F2CB
STR: 0001F3AD
AGL: 0001F48F
INT: 0001F571
NoA: 0001F74D
FRA: 0001F7B2
BRA: 0001F817

HP: 0001F2CC
STR: 0001F3AE
AGL: 0001F490
INT: 0001F572
NoA: 0001F74E
FRA: 0001F7B3
BRA: 0001F818

HP: 0001F2CD
STR: 0001F3AF ;
AGL: 0001F491
INT: 0001F573
NoA: 0001F74F
FRA: 0001F7B4
BRA: 0001F819

HP: 0001F2CE
STR: 0001F3B0
AGL: 0001F492
INT: 0001F574
NoA: 0001F750
FRA: 0001F7B5
BRA: 0001F81A

HP: 0001F2CF
STR: 0001F3B1
AGL: 0001F493
INT: 0001F575
NoA: 0001F751
FRA: 0001F7B6
BRA: 0001F81B

HP: 0001F2D0
STR: 0001F3B2
AGL: 0001F494
INT: 0001F576
NoA: 0001F752
FRA: 0001F7B7
BRA: 0001F81C

HP: 0001F2D1
STR: 0001F3B3
AGL: 0001F495
INT: 0001F577
NoA: 0001F753
FRA: 0001F7B8
BRA: 0001F81D

HP: 0001F2D2
STR: 0001F3B4
AGL: 0001F496
INT: 0001F578
NoA: 0001F754
FRA: 0001F7B9
BRA: 0001F81E

HP: 0001F2D3
STR: 0001F3B5
AGL: 0001F497
INT: 0001F579
NoA: 0001F755
FRA: 0001F7BA
BRA: 0001F81F

HP: 0001F2D4
STR: 0001F3B6
AGL: 0001F498
INT: 0001F57A
NoA: 0001F756
FRA: 0001F7BB
BRA: 0001F820

HP: 0001F2D5
STR: 0001F3B7
AGL: 0001F499
INT: 0001F57B
NoA: 0001F757
FRA: 0001F7BC
BRA: 0001F821

HP: 0001F2D6
STR: 0001F3B8
AGL: 0001F49A
INT: 0001F57C
NoA: 0001F758
FRA: 0001F7BD
BRA: 0001F822

HP: 0001F2D7
STR: 0001F3B9
AGL: 0001F49B
INT: 0001F57D
NoA: 0001F759
FRA: 0001F7BE
BRA: 0001F823

Ianuki Lord
HP: 0001F2D8
STR: 0001F3BA
AGL: 0001F49C
INT: 0001F57E
NoA: 0001F75A
FRA: 0001F7BF
BRA: 0001F824

Phantom Lord
HP: 0001F2D9
STR: 0001F3BB
AGL: 0001F49D
INT: 0001F57F
NoA: 0001F75B
FRA: 0001F7C0
BRA: 0001F825

Icecloud Lord
HP: 0001F2DA
STR: 0001F3BC
AGL: 0001F49E
INT: 0001F580
NoA: 0001F75C
FRA: 0001F7C1
BRA: 0001F826

Thunder Lord
HP: 0001F2DB
STR: 0001F3BD
AGL: 0001F49F
INT: 0001F581
NoA: 0001F75D
FRA: 0001F7C2
BRA: 0001F827

General (Tristan)
HP: 0001F2ED
STR: 0001F3CF ;
AGL: 0001F4B1
INT: 0001F593
NoA: 0001F76F
FRA: 0001F7E3
BRA: 0001F839

General (Debonair)
HP: 0001F2EE
STR: 0001F3D0
AGL: 0001F4B2
INT: 0001F594
NoA: 0001F770
FRA: 0001F7E4
BRA: 0001F83A

HP: 0001F2EF
STR: 0001F3D1
AGL: 0001F4B3
INT: 0001F595
NoA: 0001F771
FRA: 0001F7E5
BRA: 0001F83B
StarryKnights 13 years ago#8

I have yet to try them out, but what would these effect? Enemy classes, your recruited characters, all the characters of that class, some of the characters of that class, that guy named Pizza, etc."

Probably should've mentioned the radius of effect to begin with, as it's sorta important. Apologies.

Every member of that class.

If you have a Fighter gain 50 strength a level, the enemy's fighters are going to gain 50 strength every leve, too. Also, I wasn't aware there was a guy named Pizza. O_o...
StarryKnights 13 years ago#9
Anyway, now that's out of the way...question time!

1: Now that I have given the Data Diving Lords a proper sacrifice, will they return to us and find out, say...

The flags that allow access to levels?

What addresses contain the data determining an individual unit's terrain type (Need to fix Zombie Dragons)?

And since this is apparently known, could Wanderer post the addresses that determine the name of an attack in the status screen? Useless, true, but if I want to really overhaul the game...

Oh, and a warning. I only assumed the positions of each character in the list based on what I saw in the Data Diving topic when the classes were posted along with their stat gains. If that list is wrong, so is mine. I did testing to make sure the Lord classes were right, along with the first 6-10 classes, so it was reasonable to assume it's not.
StarryKnights 13 years ago#10
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]
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