On or off? *Insert confused face*

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User Info: Rockydood

8 years ago#1
I recently started playing around on this after hooking my old SNES up. I've been getting better at the game, but I was just wondering how good is considered "really good". As many of you know there is a setting on this game where the game actually cheats for the computer if you're beating them. After playing a handful of games with this setting 'ON' I was only able to win by a couple of points (if at all). However, when I turned the setting 'OFF', my games are blowouts (most of the time doubling the opposing team's score).

It is EXTREMELY frustrating to play a game with the setting 'ON' because no matter what I do the game cheating rapes me. In the faq it says it drops your 3 point percentage to like 5%, but I can't even make it to half court a lot of times much less try and drain 3 pointers. And if by some chance I do make it to my basket, I normally miss the easy shot or even the dunks. This in turn causes me to yell at the TV, punch my bed, and generally create an atmosphere of blind hatred towards anything and everything until the game is over. But with the setting 'OFF' the game is waaaay too easy.

Any ideas on what I should do?
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User Info: movrin1221

8 years ago#2
buy a nintendo 64 (if you dont all ready have one) and fire up some NBA HANG TIME. its just like nba jam, but better.
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