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User Info: Icetre22333

9 years ago#1
What 2 players would you pick to represent each team? Heres mine

LA Lakers
Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol

Houston Rockets
Yao Ming, T-Mac

Utah Jazz
Derion Williams, Carlos Boozer

LA Clippers
Barron Davis, Al Thornton

Memphis Grizzles
Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol

Oaklahoma City Thunder
Kevin Durrant, Jeff Green

San Antonio Spurs
Tim Duncan, Tony Parker

New Orleans Hornets
Chris Paul. Tyson Chandler

Portland Trailblazers
Brandon Roy, Greg Oden
Sacramento Kings
Kevin Martin, Brad Miller

Phoenix Suns
Steve Nash, Shaq/Amare Staudomire

Golden State Warriors
Corey Maggettie,

Dallas Mavs
Dirk Nowitski, Josh Howard

Denver Nuggets
Allen Iverson, Carmello Anothony

Minnesota T-Wolves
Randy Foye, Al Jefferson

Chicago Bulls
Ben Gordan, L.Deng

Atlanta Hawks
Joe Johnson, Josh Howard

Cleveland Cavs
Lebron James, Ben Wallace

Boston Celtics
Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce

Detriot Pistons
Chancy Billops, Rasheed Wallace

New York Knicks
Stephan Marberry, Zach Randolph

Orlando Magic
Dwight Howard, Jameer Nelson

New Jersey Nets
Vince Carter. Devin Harris

Toronto Rapters
Chris Bosh. Jason Kapono

Milwaukee Bucks
Michael Redd, Richard Jefferson

Miami Heat
D-Wade, Michael Beasley

Indiana Pacers
Jamal Tinsley, Danny Granger

Philadolphia 76ers
Andre Igodola, Elton Brand

Washington Wizards
Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison

Charlotte Bobcats
Emeka Oakafor, Ramon Felton

User Info: 420LeMac

9 years ago#2
^ Sure yea, them >_>
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