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scandinavia 2 years ago#1
You pretty much NEED the extra lives on the default setting. There are many points were you MUST take a hit, and you get six lives to complete the entire game (five extra lives). The game is stupid easy until level 6, when things get obscenely frustrating. That whole obstacle course followed by the fire tower- it's cruel. Still, overall great game, I definitely felt challenged actually trying to finish the thing.
Foppe 2 years ago#2
Practise and you would be able to complete the last level with 1 or 2 lifes.
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Playing this game right now for the first time, the ps1 version. It’s much harder than I would’ve thought
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FriggingChicken 4 months ago#4
prime example of poor level design
Because it's a big stupid jellyfish

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