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  3. Is Launch Octopus better for refilling Sub-Tanks than Armored Armadillo?

User Info: Peter_19

5 months ago#1
I often see people talk about the start of Armored Armadillo's stage as the best stage for refilling the Sub-Tanks, but I remember being able to use Rolling Shield on Launch Octopus's stage and simply standing above the spawn points for the seahorses and thus having the Sub-Tanks refill themselves, since Mega Man would always grab the life pellets that were dropped by the seahorses.
Shouldn't this be a "better" strategy in the sense that you don't actually need to do anything?
Or is the strategy on Armored Armadillo's stage considered better because it might be faster?

I used to think that Armored Armadillo's shield "took damage" and ran out after absorbing a certain amount of damage, similar to the Ride Armors, but then it turned out that it actually lasts forever as long as the enemies can be killed by it in one hit.
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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

5 months ago#2

I timed it. Sure, we can allow for RNG, but still.

Jumping around and killing Bat Bones with the shield on Armored Armadillo's stage takes 115 seconds to fill all four Sub-tanks from scratch.
Standing still on seahorse spawning spots with the shield in Launch Octopus's stage takes 155 seconds.

You might be thinking, oh, but Launch Octopus's stage means no input once you camp on top of a spot. Well, those numbers were obtained by standing in a spot where I was aggroing another spawn spot so the seahorses there would dash at me, so I was using two spawn spots simultaneously. Also, since this second spot's seahorses wouldn't drop their pellets on X's exact location since they'd ram the edge of his shield, I had to fidget about in place a little so I would get the pellets that fell inches away.

So yeah, it took at least some effort to get 155 seconds by doubling my gains. Simple math tells me that if I just stood still it would have taken over five minutes, or nearly three times the time needed to fill them compared to Armadillo's stage.

But hey, if you want to put the game down and do something else while it fills your Sub-tanks for you, then sure, help yourself with Octopus's stage. I wouldn't.
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  3. Is Launch Octopus better for refilling Sub-Tanks than Armored Armadillo?
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