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User Info: Peter_19

1 year ago#11
By the way, is it just me or does Chill Penguin's stage not really feel like a traditional "first stage" choice?
It's very unusual that a first stage has a snow theme, and the music is a little too laidback for that as well.
If this game had a set boss order then I would expect maybe Storm Eagle's stage to be the first stage, since having that stage right after the introductory stage just feels right, and the music also has that "alright, warmup is over, let's get serious" attitude.
Then the stage after that would probably be Flame Mammoth, which feels like a fairly natural second stage.
The final stage would probably be Spark Mandrill, or possibly Armored Armadillo.

Chill Penguin feels like maybe a 4th or 5th stage or something like that, possibly followed by Launch Octopus.
If you see very weird misspellings in this post, it is probably because I have used my phone and got "auto-corrected" in undesirable ways.

User Info: KrimsonBlox

1 year ago#12
Chill Penguin HAS to be done first since the stage is easy, the boots are pretty much neseessary, (so much so that every MMX game after had them as default) and the boss is really easy since he has a very predictable pattern. ALWAYS do Chill Penguin first. Also Flame Mamoth by far is the easiest boss and his stage becomes a joke if you beat chill penguin first. Ideal 2nd stage. After that I suggest Storm Eagle since his weapon is OP, his stage is really simple, (except for lots of bottomless pits.) and he can easily be defeated buster only. Next, spark mandrill. His stage can be annoying if you haven't defeated storm eagle but after that his stage and the boss are super easy. Next is when the game starts getting REAL hard. I reccomended going for Launch Octopus next while although his stage and bosses are the hardest, you have to beat him before you do Sting Camellion to get two important upgrades without backtracking. Sting Camellion is easy compared to the hell you just went though, and Boomer Kawanger and Armored Armadillo aren't too hard either. Then, some backtracking using Kawanger's weapon and getting a secret weapon in Armadillo's stage. Go to spark mandrill's stage and early on you can get the last E-Tank. Then, return to Kawanger's stage to get the last heart tank. Finally, get to the end of Armadillo's stage (right before the boss door) and jump off the cliff. Then repeat this three times. (You have to have 4 lives to do this) You may have noticed when you jump out of the cave on the minecart during the climax of Armadillo's stage if you time your jump just right you can wall jump up to a secret area where there would normally be a 1-Up. After you complete the second half of the stage 4 times without exiting the stage (leaving the cave counts as completion) in the secret area instead of finding a 1-Up you will find a secret 4th Dr Light Capsule which would contain a familiar special move perfected by a martial artist from another world... If you emulate his special stances, you too can use this secret technique, and kill all bosses in one hit. However, it does not work unless you are at full health, and also doesn't work on Wolf Sigma. (the final boss) Then, you do the three final stages where you fight against reborn bosses with no will of their own before facing off with Sigma. First, you fight his robot dog who looks familiar to Bass's Dog Treble from Megaman 7 & 8... Then you fight Sigma cosplaying as a Jedi, (lightsaber and all) and then finally Sigma in a bigger, stronger replacement body. This foe can only be hit by two attacks. A Lv. 4 supercharged blaster shot or the Rolling Shield weapon. Try positioning youself on the edge of one of sigma's claws, and make sure to use lots of E-Tanks. If you are successful, congrats! You have defeated Sigma and beaten Mega Man X. Only 7 more agonizing games to go... (4 is the only good one besides 1 fight me)

User Info: Peter_19

1 year ago#13
Just beat the game a few days ago, lol.

Yeah, I realise that there is kind of an ideal order to the bosses, and that Chill Penguin should definitely be tackled first.
And after that I felt that Storm Eagle was a pretty good choice, since the stage was fairly easy and the boss was a joke, and I also had the necessary Shotgun Ice that allowed me to get the Headbutt upgrade.

But I have always been sensitive to how stages are supposed to "look", "sound" and "feel" in order to feel like a natural boss order.
For example, in "Mega Man 1" I have always felt that Cut Man is the most natural starting stage (that's the stage that I would expect the developers to choose for a first stage if the game had a set boss order), and then after him I always pick Guts Man (since for some reason he feels like a natural second stage), followed by Bomb Man, Ice Man, Fire Man and finally Elec Man, who feels like a typical "final stage" (partly because Elec Man himself is really hard, and also because he is the only boss who has a required item lying around on his stage).
I think a lot of it also has to do with the music - Cut Man's theme has that "alright, let's go!" attitude to it.

I feel something similar about the bosses in this game as well;
they definitely got it right with the introduction stage (it "feels" like a first stage), and after that I would personally expect something like Storm Eagle's stage to come after that, which would then probably be followed by Flame Mammoth or something.
The final stage would probably be either Armored Armadillo or Boomer Kuwanger.
If you see very weird misspellings in this post, it is probably because I have used my phone and got "auto-corrected" in undesirable ways.

User Info: crazy4rpg

1 year ago#14
1st Chill Penguin (always)

2nd Spark Mandrill (Shotgun Ice freezes him solid, he'll never touch you) If you beat Storm Eagle, Spark Mandril's stage will be without power.

3rd Armored Armadillo (Electric Spark blows his armor off)

4th Launch Octopus (he's weak to Rolling Shield, but Boomerang Cutter will cut his tentacles off so he can't drain your health.)

5th Boomer Kuwanger (he's weak to homing missiles, but you might want to fight him before Launch Octopus.)

6th Sting Chameleon (weak to Boomerang Cutter.) If you beat Launch Octopus, Chameleon's stage will be flooded.

7th Storm Eagle (weak to Chameleon Sting)

8th Flame Mammoth (weak to Storm Tornado, but you can cut his trunk off with Boomerang Cutter) If you beat Chill Penguin, all of the lava in Mammoth's stage will be frozen and safe to walk on.

From then on, Shotgun Ice on the Giant Spider, Chameleon Sting on the Face, Boomerang Cutter on the dino-truck thing, Ice again on Sigma's dog, E spark on Sigma himself, and Rolling Shield to Sigma's Final Form's head.

Sigma 1 is easy to cheese. Just climb the wall, Sigma will wall jump to catch you, on his 4th jump immediately drop and fire an E Spark, he'll crash right into it, climb back up and he'll do it again.
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User Info: DevsBro

1 year ago#15
crazy4rpg posted...
2nd Spark Mandrill (Shotgun Ice freezes him solid, he'll never touch you) If you beat Storm Eagle, Spark Mandril's stage will be without power.

True but the miniboss in SM's stage is one of the hardest things to best in the whole game without proper preparation so I always save SM for last--or at least after getting both Storm Eagle and the buster upgrade.
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