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  3. The boots should have been in the intro stage

User Info: quesogrande

2 years ago#1
I can't think of many criticisms for this game. This might be the only one, but having the boot upgrade in Chill Penguin's stage always felt wrong. First, the fact that they are required always feels wrong in a video game. But they are so useful so I can't blame them. The second is that since they are so useful, it makes the route obvious, always start with Chill Penguin. Having the boot upgrade in the intro stage would have fixed this, but then the first stage might been too much for a new player. I don't know which is better, but I love this game and now I want to try to do a run with Chill Penguin last and see how hard it is.
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User Info: DevsBro

2 years ago#2
You can actually complete the game without using the dash at all. I used a code to have Penguin defeated but no boots and I still beat the game. I also made sure not to get any upgrades aside from the weapons. Was challenging but fun.

In fact, a few parts of the game are actually easier to not use the dash with. A few bosses are a pain but all the jumps are doable. The jumps just before and after the Storm Eagle rematch are pretty tough though.
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User Info: NessEggman

2 years ago#3
The most frustrating part of the design to me, though, isn't that the leg upgrade is in the arctic stage, but rather than you will either have to revisit that or the lava factory stage a second time if you want to collect everything. If it wasn't like that, I would be okay with just getting the leg upgrade later in the game or something.
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  3. The boots should have been in the intro stage
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