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User Info: Evandor

1 month ago#1
I got the SNES classic from my bro and used Hakchi to add games. Spent pandemic revisiting some childhood favorites like FFIV FFVI SoulBlazer & Zelda and enjoyed playing those as well as trying Secret of Mana FFV Brainlord & (dont judge me) Gooftroop. Clearly the RPG/Dungeon puzzle games are my favorite. Way more fun that side to side platform games.

So I was not familiar with this game & started playing it about a week ago. I was instantly enjoying the gameplay style. The fight menu is one of the best. The speed of walking and choosing menus is great. The beginning of the game is quite obviously linear and not a free for all but that did not detract me. There are some minor things I dont like about the game but overall I am digging it.

So three nights ago after work I was playing and got to the boat town and was shocked at how tiny his boat was lol but anyway he offered to take me east OR to an island up north with lots of treasure. I was enticed. I chose north explored the town was curious about this cave and went in.

My first foray was shrouded in mystery. I fought and killed everything. On the 7th floor this blue treasure chest appeared and had a Sizzle Blade! Holy smokes I was owning all the enemies.

I never got any healing spells and by the time I got providence it was a little late and I was dragging so around floor 25ish I went back up saved and turned in. The next day I was thinking about these amazing treasures and looked up the ancient cave on google and lo n behold its a rather popular gaming topic!

I found a list that there are lots of amazing items and they spawn randomly at about 2% or less. I read a little about the big boss and some strategy to beat him. It seemed the best idea was so make lots of runs into the cave and get a lot of blue chest items before attempting the Master Jelly.

Okay so next night I got home late so I was only going to get to providence and leave. What happened though was I got the Gades Blade and the champion spell. This resulted in me staying up later than intended and going a little deeper. I got to around the 60th floor and acquired Fry Sword a Cryst Shield two Catfish Jewels and a Camu jewel. A very solid run. The last 50 or so floors I was experimenting with avoiding battles and collecting the goods and moving on.

So last night I was able to get started a bit earlier. I did some additional reading on strategy to beat the ancient cave. I was planning on making a bunch of small trips to the providence spell and leaving with whatever I acquired. Having the sizzle sword Gades blade and fry sword made my crew way overpowered.

I should clarify this is my first time playing game and although I now know you have other opportunities to return to the cave as far as the play through goes I am at the point where you can first visit the cave at all and have not played beyond it yet. So my party is Maxim Dekar Guy and Selan.

Going down into the cave last night I was crushing the early enemies so skipped almost all of them through the first 10 floors just killing what I couldnt avoid. At that point I started killing about half of them. Somewhere in the teens I got a fatal pick a dekar blade and champion spell! I was thinking maybe just maybe I can beat the entire cave now I have the key items for success.

As I went further I found a blue chest with a staff in it that only Selan can use. Although I had a curselifter the fatal pick and her first attack high agility made her my top asset. From about floor 20 I started killing all enemies. I should also note I was using Flash for his random healing. I finally got providence around floor 28. I was starting to think I missed it! It was not late and I had the juice so I kept going and going.

Around floor 50 I acquired the old armor which has regeneration. The ability to bring dead characters back to life was crucial! And also the strong spell (this was key!) Selan and Maxim were two of my best damage dealers so using them for healing spells was silly. I never got a good healing armor for Selan to use IP healing in fact this entire run I barely got any armor shields or helmets. I dont recall name iron Plate maybe? But it has a revive spell using IP. I gave this to Dekar so with their high hit points they could revive characters in battle. The oh so coveted regains miracles and magic boosting potions I preserved and used as needed when characters fell in battle.

By floor 50 I was half way there and 2.5 hours in and loaded with the items I would need to beat the master jelly. I basically decided I was going to go for the kill and get the ancient key UNLESS I got blue chest items so good I couldnt risk losing them. Around this time I switched to Foamy and fed him junk until he was level four. I never did get a secret fruit to master him but he was helpful going forward.

Spoiler alert I never got another blue chest the entire way down! Actually I may have passed a few because 90-98 I basically just avoided enemies fought only those I had to to get to the stairs and did pass up a handful of doors that may have contained chests because there were too many monsters blocking the way.

Things got out of control when the genies starting chasing me. I didnt expect them to be so fast they were easily able to get in a surprise attack and I nearly got wiped out by them dragons and other badies close to a dozen times. At one point I escaped with only Guy alive with a sliver of HP. I quickly got into my menu and used my last regain to bring Dekar to life (forgetting his IP would start at 0 so the reviver would not be an option!) used various potions to bring them up to full health closed the menu and headed back into battle. Luckily Guy did have full IP and so with regeneration I was able to recover the whole party.

I had a lot of battles where characters died to instant death or otherwise and I was out of regains and miracles. I had to fight with a limited party and regain enough IP to bring them back with IP items. It was tense and several times I thought for sure I was a goner.

Around floor 70 I did start avoiding certain bad guys and fighting the ones I knew I was likely to beat. I avoided Genies mostly. They absorbed all my MP. Having the strong spell to replenish hit points between fights was crucial. As strategy I left my characters MP purposefully low as the only magic I was using was strong in between fights and champion in fights. I literally got to the point where I had NO magic replenishing items left. I never did receive the absorb spell.

This run was wire thin many times. I did finally find a handful of magic potions THANK GOD My plan from about 85 on was to avoid all battles and get the jelly with all my IP full! On 89 I almost got obliterated and had to use Regeneration again. This meant I HAD to fight some battles to get the IP replenished. Knowing that some battles are unavoidable I pressed forward and as I said before 90-98 I just avoided all enemies I could and hit stairs as soon as I could find them. I realized part of the strategy to beating the cave is sneaking up on enemies and getting that first turn without retaliation. With the fatal pick getting that jump was even more important. I had to fight several more dragons which got my IP maxed and even took out a few pairs of golden dragons.

Alas I came to 99 and the jelly! I equipped the Gades and Dekar Blades. Round one I used Trick on all characters with Selan a standard attack with Guy and Maxim and Dekar IP. Foamy did his thing. Round two I used IP attacks for Maxim and Selan and Guy used OctoAttack from Gades blade Foamy smashed. Round three I used a Thunder spell from Selan and standard attacks from all else. I actually thought I was maybe NOT going to win but LAST turn did enough damage and Jelly died.

User Info: Evandor

1 month ago#2

So I beat the cave my third time in! All characters at level 59 and one at 60! That was nerve racking! Took 5 hours! Anyway gonna make a few more runs for Blue treasure items and move on. Rest of game should be easy with these killer items. Anyway just wanted to share my experience!

User Info: Evandor

1 month ago#3
So I played again last night. Got Dekar blade, champion, stronger, absorb, rally, and two breastplates with reviver for Guy and Dekar. I basically didnt need to use my hp and no potions. I wanted to go deep and fight golden dragons and try to get gold eye drops. I got an iris tiara. A duplicate thundo jewel (had one drop previpus play through) and a pretty awese blue chest helm. Needless to say the battles were way less stressful beimg able to use magic without worry and not feeling the scarcity of items. I did not get good drops on junk items and was only able to get Foamy to level 3.

I never got a fatal pick. Not having this single item made the entire adventure a slog! I was beating everything but battles were so slow. 5 hours in I was only at floor 67 and then had a run in with three golems. My party failed to kill one in a single turn and I got hit with three special moves in a row and got wiped out. What a disappointment. Now I know how others feeling making a deep run and dying.

I do say though this risk sure does make it very fun. My biggest take away is know your enemy. The turn system in this game actually is very frustrating. Geberally not so much but in the cave very much. You basically have to anticipate certain moves like when to heal. Problem is the healers have high agility and both use their turn before the enemies then your tanks attack. Anyway I clearly had a moment where I felt over confident having beat many 3 golem groups and didn't do what I shpuld have which was start with buffs or just use IP attacks

User Info: HegemonKhan

1 month ago#4
congrats on beating the AC, it really just depends on the drops/items you get randomly, either making beating the AC super easy or super hard, and also depends on your party too (when you do the AC during the normal game play) (when you beat the game, you get a new menu option to just do the AC and are able to select what party, all characters are available, you want to use), and how many runs (for blue chest items) you've done as well too

once you got a lot of blue chest items, usually you can beat the AC, but there's no point in re-beating it, if you've already beaten it

the biggest challenge is trying to kill all monsters on the last floors, as they're the hardest monsters in the game

if you've been reading up on strategy, agility is the most important stat (and thus you want those blue chest items that do +AGI, like those accessory ones), so you get to go first with your characters

the other challenge is trying to get all of the blue chest items and all of the iris treasures (these don't do anything, they're just there for BRAGGING RIGHTS), getting all of the blue items is really hard once you got most of them, as trying to get the last few you need with them being random, is very super frustrating (for example, I still can't get any of the mirak armors for the male characters, which would be really helpful to have, lol, if I remember right)

also, if you do the AC as soon as it's available in the normal game, and get a ton of the blue chest items, it's going to make the rest of the game super easy
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