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User Info: MrKamikazejl

1 year ago#1
Anybody ever use those items like terror balls, shrieks, mystery pins, power gourds....you know..the stuff that just clogs up your inventory? I use shrieks to lower my capsule monsters craving but besides that these items seem to just clog my inventory.
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User Info: ZeroAnt

11 months ago#2
I'm the type of guy that have a psychological block on spending items for healing. A hoarder. I'd rather use spell or spend money to heal.

But feeding them to capsule monsters is okay, because max leveled characters have a higher priority.

Yeah, useless completionist logic.
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User Info: ti83magic

10 months ago#3
^ Same here, in any game, hehe. And those stat boost items, for some reason. And miracles, choosing resets over spending a miracle :D
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