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User Info: GNS1310

1 year ago#1
No, not with Gift Mode...

I'm using the "Airship anytime anywhere" code

Started a new game on retry, went thru the Skills Cave, then headed to the AC with the Airship. Gonna grab some Blues and make this game way way too easy.

...of course I've been in the AC for three hours and have no desire to play the actual game anytime soon....can't get enough of this place!

I'm going solo obviously...I can't make it to Flash, but I was thinking about maybe grabbing Jelze...not sure how quickly or easily I can get to the others.

Also considering advancing the story line to when Tia joins me then heading to the AC

I'm playing on the Surface Pro 6 and typing on my SP3 and just died...lost an Iris....that hurts.
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User Info: Insomniac313

1 year ago#2
Good luck! This is my first playthrough so I haven't hit the ac yet. Happy 1000th post for Lufia 2 everyone.

User Info: Bricek10

1 year ago#3
I love the ancient cave. I have to replay the game and am excited for the time I get to that point.
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