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User Info: elmontro42

1 month ago#1
Just a random what could have been with this Zelda game had it been released (or rather re-released) on this peripheral.

What concepts would you have liked to see in this version of Alttp (or if this were a sequel of it)???

-For me, I would have wanted a larger map for both worlds.

-A true maze area in the Lost Woods

-More towns/villages besides Kakariko

*A trade sequence for the towns
(Ncps can task Link with exchanging items between them and reward him after task is completed)

-More uses for every item Link obtains

-More dungeons in both worlds
(Story relevant and optional ones)

-A new quest that begins after the main quest (Post game content)

-Difficulty modes (from the beginning not unlockable)

-More puzzles involving the Light and Dark worlds

-More optional items (and uses for such items) eg. Magic cape, Cane of Bryna

-More than one use for ncps eg. Zora, Kiki, Aginah, Sahasrahla, The priest, Fortune teller, Smith brothers, Lumberjacks, Old man on Death mt., Flute boy, thieves, fairy queen and upgrade fairies etc...

*A side quest for the Moon Pearl
*Leave the Dark World a surprise to the player (No preview of its existence)

*Uses for bunny Link- talk to animals?, Not get robbed by thieves?, Fortune teller does not charge him for revealing his fate... Different mini games for bunny Link...

*Magic Mirror- uses up "magic"...
*More rods and Medallions- Thunder, Wind, Earth, Light, Shadow etc..
*Other canes...

9999x Rupees
1/4 magic meter
Perhaps 1 more magic level after that

-The Hero's Equipment-
Treasures given to Link if he beats the game without dying and without ever collecting bottles (no potions, no fairies).

A 5th Sword- Which shoots beams regardless of how many hearts you have, but anything less than full hearts will shoot beams weaker than the sword itself.

A Shield which can deflect beamos beams

A pair of boots which reduce the charge time for dashing

A ring which slowly restores Link's hearts

A ring which slowly restores Link's magic
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  3. Snes CD edition (What if wishlist)
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