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User Info: chaoticcranium

12 years ago#1
I've always assumed the Games Played counter at the end of the credits tells you how many times you've died during the game. Well, for some reason, after beating the game on the Wii, I ended up with 999 Games Played in Thieves' Town, leading to a total of 999 Games Played total (since the counter does not appear to go above 999). Obviously I haven't died 999 times on purpose (I imagine this would take a very long time), and I don't think its a case where I left the console on as you need human input once you get a Game Over. I don't know if this is particular to the Wii version or not, I've never had it happen on my SNES cart back home. Well, I'm just curious what happened, that's all. Thanks for your help.
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User Info: DeGamer

12 years ago#2
The thing about ALTTP on the Wii (which is just the SNES version emulated) is that saving and quitting counts as a death. All version of Zelda 2 are also like this. The updated port of ALTTP for the GBA (which is NOT emulated) does not count saving and quitting as a death (Just like the remaining Zelda games).

I found this out as a kid the hard way when I tried beating ALTTP on my SNES without dying only to notice that when the credits rolled it said I died at several dungeons. In my head I was thinking "WTF??? I didn't die once!". So I tried again sometime later on and saw the same thing again only this time I noticed that the deaths were after the dungeons where I had save & quit (which was about 5 or 6 deaths). At that point I was pissed. Much later on I tired beating the game in one sitting, which I did, and finally I had zero deaths.
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