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User Info: Hoogovens

3 years ago#1
Graphics aren't very crisp, very limited enemy types in each area, 1st boss looked almost exactly like a generic enemy from Final Fight or Streets of Rage, I don't remember which.

Music is upbeat but doesn't fit the theme at all, effects are flat and a little muffled.

Controls are simple, but all your moves are very sluggish. Long animations make it even harder to do anything quickly.

Gameplay is standard beat-em-up. No enemy AI at all, just position one on each side of you and match your movement, attack at the same interval over and over. You're so slow though, it's just not fun.

Simple story, evil stopped long ago, new bad guy wants to use evil to gain power, you must stop bad guy.

It's a pass, one of the least playable beat-em-ups I've tried. My only concession would be maybe it's better as 2-player.
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