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User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#1
I've played the game on two emulators. If I had my old SNES and the game, I'd try it on there, but they are in my parents' basement.

I talk to the mayor who gives me gold, then I go to the weapon shop. Not open.


Read two FAQs and they both said to do just what I did. Get the gold then go to the shop. I tried talking to everyone that I could find. No luck.

What am I doing wrong?


User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#2
Okay. The item shop says WEAPON SHOP as the title. No wonder I was confused! All the guides said to go to the Weapon Shop. I'm thinking I'm there and it's not open.

What a crap translation. Also, I didn't remember the guy being so slow, though I do remember that the attack animation is way too small and boring. Other than the town music, which is painful, I do like the soundtrack.

User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#3
Wow. The jumping animation is awesome! What up with the scrolling, though? You almost have to be off the screen before it scrolls. Hello? 1990? Yeah, you already knew the screen is supposed to be centered on the hero, so why did you screw that up so bad?

Man, if they just fixed a few things about this game, it would be a classic even to this day. As it is, this is a pretty obscure title. I was an RPG nut back in my childhood, and I recall actually hand drawing all the maps for this game. I really liked it.

Not sure if it's withstood the test of time. I know I just started and I'm still in the first cave, but the combat seems absolutely horrible.

Maybe it will get better. Maybe I will quit before I find out. Dunno.

User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#4
For nostalgia's sake, I made it through the Gold Cave. Or, at least, the Little Timmy escort mission.

It was excruciating. I mean, literally painful. I can not accurately describe how slow he walked, and the hero, who walks slow as a snail stuck in molasses, blew him away. Then, as if the makers of this game wanted to insult the player, as soon as you drag him back to town, he says thanks and darts off like the Flash! WTF?!?! Was he faking it or what?!

All they had to do was have him follow directly behind the player. It's not rocket science. Games of that day did it all the time.

This game constantly makes mistakes that they should have known not to make. And the combat is inexcusable. I mean, this is an action RPG. The combat is kinda important. It reminds me of baseball, where you are a wimpy little girl waiting to hit the slow-pitch softball with a tiny little bat one-handed.

Right now, I give this game like a 2/10. It's bad. I mean, really, really bad.

Gah. I don't know. I'm going to try to beat the first boss, but this is pretty bad. I mean, had I not played this all the way through and liked it as a kid, there's no way I'd subject myself to this. If this were a browser game or something, it would get downvoted to Hell.

User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#5
Okay. I beat SAMSON, the first boss. I thought I'd better post some praise after that harsh indictment, though that still stands. But first, some more scorn.

Holy crap are the plot coupons terrible in this game. A locked wooden door? Can't get in there! I need a key! Okay, that's fine. A lot of games used locked doors and the need to get keys. I can live with that. But, the story is that the healer lady and some other dude locked a "demon" boss inside just by using a key? I mean, he's freaking huge, like 12-15 feet tall and he has a gargantuan axe. All they had to do to thwart him was close the door and lock it?

Lame. Lame any way you cut it. Call it a magic key or whatever, it's lame.

Also, he's a giant red knight. Not very demon-like. Yeah, turns out he has an eyeball for a head under the helmet, but still. He didn't seem very demonic to me.

However, he was cool. Very cool.

He looked awesome. The music was great. The fight was heart-pounding fun. It was very challenging, and yes, some of that challenge came by way of the hero swinging a butter knife like a little girl, but not all of it. It was well designed. I liked how you had to time the jumps so that you were in the air when he landed, or be stunned. I liked how his helmet tore off when he got close to death. His attack animation was great; I could feel that axe cleave into me despite the lack of a sound effect.

In short, I give high praise to the boss fight. I give it a solid 8/10. That gives me a glimmer of hope. I can't honestly say the game play is all bad now. But, if 99% of the game play is atrocious, and so far that's not an exaggeration, than one good boss fight isn't going to save this game.

I'll play a little more. At least enough to maybe get one weapon and armor upgrade. I recall getting cool gold armor and a blue cape later in the game, if my memory serves.

That's another thing. I'm on level 5. I was wondering the whole time when I would hit level 2! No fanfare at all? In a game where you have to sit through 10 seconds of fanfare opening every chest? Strange.

I mentioned sound effects. Unholy cow are the attack sound effects bad. A chime?! What in the world were they thinking? They don't have to be realistic; The Legend of Zelda's damage sound effects are iconic and they aren't realistic. I just keep asking myself if whoever made this game actually played other action RPG's.

User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#6
Typing this as I play.

So, I get into the elf village. I talk to the guy standing there, because, obviously, you're supposed to talk to him. He tells me he knows everything about this castle. He says it's to the EAST. Later, I find out it's to the WEST. Just horrible.

The other guy I talk to is all dressed up super fancy. His name is Thor and he has lots of cool things. Okay, bro. Whatever.

Can I buy a new sword at the shop? Heck no. Need a plot coupon first, of course! just like last time. Ridiculous.

I talk to the elf mayor. I guess elves have mayors too. He gives me the "movable mantle" and a quest. Go to the castle.

Can do. I slowly walk all the way to the north WEST to find the castle.

It's locked.


Secret entrance? Nope. It's just locked.

Guess I missed a plot coupon somewhere? I talked to most of the people and went to all the houses... Oh well, I'll slowly walk all the way back to town now.

Oh, that fancy Thor guy has it, I guess. A tablet. How... Non-original and stupid at the same time. Also, now I know that not only do you have to talk to all these people, you have to talk to them in a certain order.

Oh gods no. No!!! He has to follow me now? Why is he following me?! WHY?!

No way. I can't take that again. I'm done.


User Info: flamefox777

5 years ago#7
I got to thinking about it. My super-sleepy brain got East and West confused, not the game. So, scratch that out. XD

All the other stuff, though? Yeah, that's all good to go.

User Info: carlmarksguy

5 years ago#8
Yeah, I just recently talked about that "Weapon Shop/Armor Shop" doofyness in my second article on "How to quit Lagoon sooner than most people"

Oddly enough, after writing that article I ended up playing the game longer than I ever had before. Once you realize that you can shield-bump enemies if you're facing them, the whole horrible-sword-reach thing becomes a bit more tolerable...

but I've found all the boss fights are basically battles of attrition: go toe-to-toe an wail away on them and hope you win...if not, gain a level and try again.

But the 3rd dungeon in the Dwarf Desert is where I think I'll call it quits: lots of pit jumping (instant death if you die = a lot of abuse of the cartridge's save-state) and lava-walking-over.

User Info: carlmarksguy

5 years ago#9
PS: let me know if you want to know the solution to the Tablet puzzle key thing. It's stupid, but it doesn't involve the ORDER in which you talk to the townspeople.
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