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User Info: Chii85

7 years ago#1
I'm having trouble beat the Ice Cave Boss, strategy's?

User Info: StarFighters76

7 years ago#2
Taken from my FAQ:

Now this boss is much tougher than your previous bosses could ever
be. This is Thimale, and there are two parts to defeating it. Part
one, defeat the 6 small crystals on both sides of the screen. Be
careful though, because they will launch out crystal shards at
you, and a giant rolling ball will come up and down the middle
section, doing massive damage to you. The best tip I can give for
you on this, is to try and master defeating all 6 small crystals
first (stand in front of each crystal, and attack & jump). It be
best to wear the Protective Ring or Defensive Ring for this
portion. Once you have succeeded in defeating the small crystals,
use the Elixer to refill your HP (that's if you feel you need to),
and the Bright Stone to refill your MP. The second part is that
the giant rolling ball will change it's form, revealing to be
Thimale's true form. It'll still continue to roll up and down, but
it'll also stop shooting out ice blasts at you. Get in front of
Thimale, and equip the Power Ring, and keep stabbing at it. Just
watch out when it starts rolling. Keep this up, and you will be
able to defeat Thimale.
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User Info: sidogi

7 years ago#3
The turrets can all be killed from safe spots.
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